First half year 2018 in revers order

Info from the Harbour Association (Hamnföreningen)
Read more at their webpage (in Swe).
Sanna will run the last tour at 13:45 today 27/6 due to poor weather forecast.
The Field Road and new road up to the old graveyard
Now, the work has started to maintain the the Field Road (Åkervägen) and to make a new gravel road up to the old graveyard. There will be limited acress to the road during the work progress. 
New summer schedule for the ferry
Now is the new schedule for the ferry decided. The schedule apply for the period 27 June - 5 August.

From Norrfjärden: 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 och 18:00.
From Holmön: 07:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 och 19:00.

From Norrfjärden: 09:00, 11:00, 16:00, 18:00 och 20:00 (call tour).
From Holmön: 10:00, 12:00, 17:00, 19:00 och 21:00 (call tour).

From Norrfjärden: 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 och 18:00.
From Holmön: 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 och 19:00.

Download the schedule as PDF. Here is also rules for queue and luggage described.

More tours with Sanna
Sanna will try to run tours on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. On Thursday morning Sanna will return to Hemsön. Same phone number apply. Priority for Svevia and the Municipality Sewage Trucks and no reservations, only queue up.

Ferry tours during Midsummer weekend
Todat Thursday there is an extra tour from Norrfjärden at 14:00 and from Holmön at 15:00.
Friday Midsummer Eve, the ferry operates on Saturday schedule.
Saturday Midsummer Day and Sunday, the ferry operates on Sunday schedule with the extra tour at 14:00 from Norrfjärden and at 15:00 from Holmön.

Fire ban
Umeå Municipality has now released the general fire ban in the Municipality.

Info from Holmöns Lanthandel (the Shop)
From Monday this week the business hours are
Mon - Fri 10 -19
Sat 9.30 -19
Sun 10 - 19
Read more at the shop website (in Swe):

Tours with Sanna cancelled
Todays tours with Sanna are cancelled due to strong wind.

Reminder of Annual Meeting
Ängesövägens Commonage will have their Annual Meeting on Saturday 16 June at 10.00 in Kaplangården.

ÅVG closed
The ÅVG will be closed on Thursday 14 June, due to continuous problems with container transports.

Repair is finished
The repairment of Sanna is now finished and Sanna will run on schedule tomorrow morning.

Update about Sanna
The repair is not finished yet, so there will be no tours this afternoon.

Problems with Sanna
Today Sanna got problems with the steering. A compressor that gives pressure to the steering failed. The afternoon tours were cancelled. Repair is ongoing and it is expected to be in operation after lunch tomorrow, but the morning tours tomorrow Tuesday are cancelled.

A few days ago we got some tenth of a mm with rain. Before that we had 29 days with no rain. There was no rain from 8 May to 6 June. That is almost a record in precipitation free days. Since the weather station was moved to Lillhälla on Holmön in 2003, we have has sereral persiod with 11 and 12 precipitation free days. We have also had three periods with 13, one period with 16 and three with 17 precipitation free days. The recod is 30 precipitatio free days. This was during the eriod 8 March to 6 April 2013.

More info about Sanna
Times for Sanna during week 24
Mon - Fri
Holmön             Norrfjärden
08:00                  09:30
11:00                  12:30
13:45                  15:00

No reservations! First inline apply! Monday and Tuesday, Svevia has priority for their tansport needs, but is not expected to fill all tours.
Telephone to Sanna 070-255 98 53. Telephone time eatch day from Sun and onwards: 08:00 – 17:00.

ÅVG closed
The ÅVG will be closed on Saturday 9 June, due to continuous problems with container transports.

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Removal from KOM-gruppen. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Appeal from KOM-gruppen. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Now when the transport situation is at it is with only Helena accessible, it is very unhappily when somebody book for a car or traler and do not show up. This has happend at several occations so Helena has been empty. You who make reservations is urged to cancel your reservation as early as possible if you cannot use your place. Let us work together to avoid these situations.

Info about Sanna
According to plan, Sanna will start operation on 11 June. To be able to run with Sanna, first the sea water level cannot be to low and second the wind may not be to strong. Thus, there is no 100% guarantee that Sanna can run that week. Only pre-booking of garbage containers and gravel trucks for the road maintenance on the island. Others have to queue up. More information about departure times will came later.

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Letter regarding increased passenger capacity. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Info about Capella
Färjerederiet informs on their website on Holmön track page that the repair of Capella will take time. She is expected back week 41, i e 2nd week in oktober.

Reregistration of the sms-service
On 25 May, GDPR was inforced. Färjerederiet announces that a cauuse of this is that subscriber of the sms-service has to reregister. This can be done at the Holmö track webpage at Färjerederiets website. [Link to Holmön Track page (in Swe)]

Info from Holmö Summer Theater
Read more at their website (in Swe).

Info from the Mail Rowing Association (Postroddsföreningen)
Read more at their website (in Swe).

Fire ban
It is now a general fire ban outdoors in Umeå, Normaling, Bjurholm, Vännäs, Vindeln and Robertsfors municipalities, due to the dry conditions. It is only allowed to use proper outdoor BBQ:s with charcoal or gas in your own garden. [Read more (in Swe)]

ÅVG closed
On Thursday 31 May ÅVG will be closed due to logistic problems. Due to the low sea level, containers can not be transported on the ferry.

Mild to normal ice winter
Eventually the winter had to give up in the Bothniv Gulf. On Thursday 24 May, the ice breaker Frej terminated this year ice breaking season.
- All ice breakers have been in operation this season, sais Emma Grönkvist, operation manager, at the ice breaking control center at Sjöfartsverket. Although a strong cold snap in the end of February and in March and persisten north east wind, the ice winter 2017-2018 can be summarised as mild to normal.
[Read the whole notice from Sjöfartsverket (in Sve)]

Road work on Holmön
Trafikverket has today started with road work from Myrorna and southwards down to road end on Holmön. The road on Ängesön will not be affected. The work is expected to continue during week 20-28. A number of road drains will be changed. This means that there will be limited passability during work day time and completely closed from time to time.berörs

Fire hazard
We have had a long period with dry weather and now it is very dry in the natural environment. This means that the fire hazard has increased dramatically. Everyon on Holmön is urged to avoid making open fires outdoors. The forecast says continuous dry weather and in prevention it might necessary to instate a total fire ban on Holmön islands.

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Correction from Färjerederiet. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Info from VAKIN
Due to maintenace work (flushing water pipes), the water supply will be closed on Holmön.
This will be done:
- Tuesday 29 May at 08.00 - 19.00
- Wednesday 30 May at 08.00 - 19.00
Keep all taps closed! Please pour up necessary water amout for your need in advance.
During the closure time please be ware of:
- All taps should be closed also toilets. 
- Do not use laundry or dishwashing mashines.
- Avoid washing white laundry during the days after the maintenace work.

Remider of workdays
Tomorrow Saturday there are workdays both in the harbour and at the shop.

Info från KOM-gruppen 
More info from Färjerederiet. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

ÅVG open
Tomorrow Saturday 26 May the Recycling station will be open 10-13.

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Increased scheule with the ferry. Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Info från Holmö Summer theater
Read more ät Holmö Summer theater's webplace (in Swe).

Info from Hamnföreningen (Harbor Association) 
Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).

Info från KOM-gruppen 
Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

ÅVG closed
On Thursday ÅVG will be closed due to logistic problems. Since Capella is at a wharf for maintenace and Helena id fully booked there is no possibilities to get new empty barrels until Thursday. Next tim to be open is thereforeon Saturday 26 May.

The Recycling Station opens for the season
Today Saturday, the Recycling Station opens for this season. Open 10-13.
[Läs mer (in Swe)]

Info from the KOM-group 
Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Info from Hamnföreningen 
Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).

The ice report ends for this season
[Read more]

Info from the KOM-group 
Read more at the Kom-group webpage (in Swe).

Umeå Power plant offers to connect houses on Holmön optic fiber network for connection to internet. The offer includes building the network and a radio link to the mainland that gives
100 MB/s to all connected houses. [Read more (in Swe)]

This year the Valpurgis fire will be on the sand i Byviken, more close to Panget that previous years. The fire will be lit at 20.00.

Meeting with the CEO for Färjerederiet
HUF and the KOM-group got an opportunity to meet with Erik Froste, Färjerederiets new CEO, when i visited Holmöleden. He listened to our points and told that Färjerederiet has a long time environmental plan, which means that all ferries shall be rebuilt och exchanged up to 2045, to comply with environmental legislation. He also promised to initiate a process to improve the SMS-service and other communication routes between the >färjerederiet and the passengers.
Hhe also told that Capella will be towed to Holmsund for investigation of the steering mechanism.

The day after Frostes visit Capella was towed to Holmsund by the tugboat Kronö.
Photo: Åsa Engman

Now, the ferry traffic will be resumed
The icebreaker Frej has visited to assist the färjan Capella out from winter rest in Byviken.
Frej is huge, which becomes clear when seen with the buildingsn in the foreground. Frej is still and runs both the front and aft propelles simultaneous at same speed and flush water up on and under the ice.
Capella take speed to force the ice out to the track that Fej has broken up. After some attempts Capella manage to reach the track and depart for Norrfjärden.
The helicopter is standing by for person transports in case the ferry traffic cannot begin this afternoon.

Foto: Olle Nygren

Reminder of leyman prayer
On Sunday at 11 there ia a layman service at Vicars place (Prästgården).
OBS! Updated 2018-02-21

The hoovercraft traffic will be cancelled
The last tours with the hoovercraft this season will be on Friday morning. During Friday, the icebreaker Frej will come an break up the ice i West Kvarken. Both Capella and Helena Elisabeth will be manned and start to break out from the harbous in Byviken and Norrfjärden. Frej will assist from Kvarken by flushing water in under the ice to break up the ice. If the ferry line cannot be opened during Friday, commuters and other will be transported with helicopter from Friday afternoon until the line can be opened for ferry traffic. 
The snowmobile track is closed
Today the snowmobile track was closed for this winter due to decaying conditions on the ice. The hoovercraft traffic is expected to continue for some more days.
Now it is time to recruit this year summer staff to Holmöns shop. The work last from beginning of June to mid/end of August. B-drivers licence, previous shop experices and connection to Holmön are merits but not a requirement. Are you interested, contact the manager Jorik Otterbjörk at telephone 090-55170 or by e-mail with your application!

PS: The salary is of course according to trade union agreement. 
Spring is closing up


The left picture is taken today from the terrace at Berguddens lighthouse. The point down at left is north part of Vea-ögern (Lilttle Hawaii). As all can see, the ice rim of the fast ice is just south of Vea-ögern and south of that is open water with scatterd drifting ice. The ice rim is consequently about 4 km south of the snowmobile track. On April 3, three days ago, the ice rim was in line with south of Ängesön. The picture to the right is from NASAs satellite Terra from 3 April (latest day with clear sky).
Easter luncheon 2018
This year easter Luncheon attracted more than 70 participants, who took the opportunity to have good food and enjoy the nice and sunny weather. This tradition with Dutch treat on the ice during Easter Eve has been going on since middle of 1990-ies. As moste there has been about 120 participants. From the beginning the luncheon was at Äggögern, but since many participants does not have snowmobile, the lucheon has been moved to Byviken. This year on the ice outside of the east pier, which gave some shelter from the southerly wind. 


Easter Luncheon
The Easter Luncheon today Easter Eve will be in Byviken outside of the Gest Harbour Pier. The buffet table can be filled from 12 and the meal begins at 13.
Novas Inn has recieved alcohol permit
Novas Inn's application for alcohol permit has been approved. Novas Inn increases the opening hours during Easter. [Read more (in Swe)]
The County Administration reminds of snowmobile prohibition
Closing up to Easter, the County Administratrion reminds the public of the snowmobile prohibition in the Nature Reserve on Holmön islands.

The prohibition does not apply for snowmobile driving on the sea ice. Permanent residents on Holmön are allowed to drive in the Reserve and individuals with leisure houses in the reserve may drive shortest path to and from their houses.  

Open hours in the shop during Easter Holidays
Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00, 16.00 - 19.00
Thursday 10.00 - 12.00, 16.00 - 19.00
Long Friday 10.00 - 12.00, 16.00- 17.00
Easter Eve 10.00 - 13.00, 16.00 - 17.00
Easter Day 10.00 - 12.00, 16.00 - 17.00
Easter Monday 10.00 - 12.00
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)


Warning! Warning! Warning!
The ferry staff, who operate the hoovercraft, have seen that there are cracks in the ice along the hoovercraft path. They have also noted that there are snowmobiles driving along the hoovercraft path and whish to warn for the cracks and urge snowmobile drivers and other not to follow the hoovercraft path and insted follow the snomobile track.
Hoovercraft traffic
Hoovercraft traffic, instead of the ferry, will start on Monday morning according to the schedule. The hoovercraft will depart from Norrfjäreden and arrive to Holmön on the ice below the Recycling station.
Information from Jonas Dalin
OBS! This is not an officialt note from TRV or Färjerederiet! This is Jonas, as private person, who gives this information.
Below is a short version of Jonas post at FB. Read the whole post.

I have heard some strange things about the hoovercraft and want to straighten som issues.
The hoovercraft is not broken and there is no hole in the hull. It has new skirts and we are practising to drive at the moment. According to the permission, we can only drive to Byviken, but according to Länsstyrelsen, who gives the permission, is it OK as long as we drive between Norrfjärden and Holmön. The reason that we do not run with the hoovercraft is the ice conditions. The ice is to rough in some places. Currently we are trying to find a suitable path that can be prepared fro the hoovercraft. MAYBE we can open a path for the hoovercraft the coming week.
Some info about Helena Elisabeth and Capella too. HE is now repaired and not frosen at the jetty, but it is unclear if she can make it to the red bouy at Pannan. That is the reason not to use HE. For Capella we wait for spare parts.
Kicksledge event
This year kicksledge event was the 33:rd and gathered 37 participants, which are more than previous years. Both young and old got a nice excercise trip around the village.
Preparartion before start. The start!
Karin L, who is a tall lady, has a special elevated kicksledge for more comfortable kicking. Also the youngest had made it all the way around the 2 km track. Somtines it was easier to walk and pull the kicksledge.
After the kicksledge tour there was semel buns, raffles and medal cermony. Medal for 2018 kicksledge event.
Bus connections
There are bus connections to and from Norrfjärden in the morning and to the late afternoon tour on weekdays, also during the scholl winter holidays. At 7.30 a bus depart from Sävar centre to Norrfjärden and at 7.45 a bus depart from Norrfjärden to Sävar and Umeå. In the afternoon a bus depart from Sävar centre at 17.00 to Norrfjärden and at 17.15 from Norrfjärden to Sävar. The helicopter start fly at 7.30 in the morning and at 16.00 in the afternoon.
Ferry traffic cancelled
Färjerederiet announces this mornign that the ferry traffic on Holmön track is cancelled for the time being. Helicopter transports will be carried out weekdays for schoolchlidren and commuters and for acute transports. Call Peter Tornberg for reservations 070-6908503. Goods transports will be made with snowmobile. Hopefully the ferry traffic can be resumed i April. 
Regular winter day on Holmön
Now when both ferries are taken out of traffic, the transports are carried out with more unconventional methods. Supply to the shop and other goods are transported by snowmobile, while all transports of persons are made with helicopter.

The ones who have own snowmobile often prefer to dive themselves the 10 km long snowmobile track over the ice between Holmön and the mainland. Now, when the light is returning, there is a constant snowmobile movement on the track, but also skiers and pedestrians. The traffic is particularly intensive during weekedns with good weather. There  are many, who take the oppotunity to visit Holmöns this different way.
Now both ferries are taken out of traffic, due to technical problems and the ice situation. In the beginning of next week strong N-winds are expected and after that, the icebreaker Atle will assist an open the ice track for the ferry. Atle will come fron north and is not expected to affect the snowmobile track. From this afternoon and utril the ferry traffic can be resumed, there will therefore be helicopter transports. Call Peter Tornberg for booking 070-6908503.
More info about the ferry
During the first tour this afternoon a fuel leak occured. There was a risk for fire inthe engine room. For that reason, the late tour is cancelled. Mainetance will begin this evening and hopefully be done during the evening and night so the ferry can run as planned (se notice below). More information will come via the SMS-service.
Information from the ferry staff regarding the weekend
The is heavy resistance in the ice track for the ferry, which causes huge delays. The morning ferry that departed from Norrfjärden at 8 this morning arrived at Holmön at 11.10, i.e., after more that 3 h. The staff has therefore decided to only go one tour inte the morning and afternoon.
This afternoon the ferry will depart at 16.00 according to schedule. All passangers that has the possibility are recommended to go with this tour. It is uncertain if there will be time to run thesecond tour, since a round trip might take 5-6 h. They, who cannot go with the 16-tour, are recommended to contact the ferry for information about the delay or cancelled second tour.
Saturday morning, the ferry departs at 7.00 and when it arrives to Holmön it will return directly. Saturday afternoon, the ferry departs at 16.00 and when it arrives to Holmön it will return directly.
Sunday morning, the ferry departs at 8.00 and when it arrives to Holmön it will return directly. Sunday afternoon, the ferry departs at 16.00 and when it arrives to Holmön it will return directly.
Passangers, who wants to leave Holmön with the tours on Saturday and Sunday is recommended to contact the ferry for information about the delays.
Kick sledge event
This year kick sledge event will be on Tuesday 6 March. Read more (in Swe).
Snowmobile track
The ice in West Kvarken is now 20 cm or more. This means that the snowmobile track on the ice between Holmön and the mainland could be opened this afternoon. All traffic on the track is at own risk.
More about Capella
Färjerederiet has notified that staff from Wärtsilä will come to Holmön on Monday to see what's can be done to solve the problems with Capella's engines. Helena Elisabeth keeps up the traffic in the mean time.
Due to techical problems Capella is taken out of traffic and Helena will keep up the traffic. Due to the ice situation, the first moring tour will occationally be predeparted in order to keep up the schedule for later tours. Notice of this will be sent out through the SMS service. This situation will remain utntil Capella has been maintained. There is an agreement of helicopter transports if necessary. The snowmobile track cannot be opened since the necessary ice thickness is not fulfilled yet.
Snowmobile track
There is ice in Kvarken now and the N-S track has been suspended for ship traffic. This means that staking out the snowmobile track can begin this week. The ice, however, is not thick enough to open the track. Notice will come when the track can be opened.
Ferry traffic resumed
After the late night assistance from the isbreaker ALE, the ferry traffic has now been resumed almost on schedule.

The AIS picture from Marine Traffic above is from 7:45 when Capella (dark blue) almost was back in Norrfjärden after the first morning tour and is expected to depart almost on schedule at 8.00. ALE is going back to Holmsund (light blue) south of Holmön.
Latest news about the ferry
The ferry staff reports that Ale will assist to break a track in the ice i Byviken during the later part of coming night. Capella will therefore depart from Norrfjärden at 6.00 tomorrow morning and attempt to break the ice to jetty in Byviken.
2018-02-04 afternoon
New attempt with Capella
This morning a new attempt was made to break a trac in the ice to Holmön. Today if was possible to pass Pannan since the ice is still moving and the ice pressure at Pannan had decreased. Outside of Lillhälla, however, there was a large ice wall that was impossible for Capella to pass, so they had to turn back. 

The ferry staff said that they expect assistance from the icebreaker Ale and maybe also KBV. They also said that Färjerederiet has began negotiations  for helicopter transports, but these can not begin during the weekend, but possibly in the beginning of coming week.
They also told that many people had called and asked for informtion but no complaints. The staff appreciate the understanding of the situation.
2018-02-04 before noon
Cancelled ferry tours
Due to the ice situation, the ferry tours are cancelled for the time being. New information is not expected, in the earliest, until tomorrow.
2018-02-03 afternoon
Capella made an attempt

This morning, the ferry staff made an attempt to break ice. They departed with Capella from Norrfjärden at 7.00 and at Pannan, the ice was to rough and caused stop for Capella. They were back in Norrfjärden one hour later.
2018-02-03 before noon
The ferry had to turn back
The planned morning tour at 8.00 this morning had to turn back only a few hundreds metres from Byviken after more than 2 h. The last hour, the ferry only came two boat length. The NE-gust created a strong ice pressure that the ferry cannot pass. The gust wind is expected to continue up to Sunday. The tours this afternoon have been cancelled and the tours on saturday will probably also be cancelled.
Cancelled ferry tours this afternoon
Due to the ice situation, the ferry tours this afternoon have been cancelled. Next tour is planned to depart at 8.00 tomorrow morning 2/2.
Delays and change of ferry
During the afternoon drifting ice from north has come down into Kvarken and caused problems for the ferry with delays during the afternoon. They also took the oppotunity to change from Helena to Capella, which now is back after repairment.
Ice report
The ice report begins for this season. The cold weather has strated the newice formation.
Read the ice report
Information from the ferry management
It is problems with bacteria growth inte the fuel and fuel tanks and pipes that cause disturbances in Capellas engine. Capella will therefore within the coming days be taken to Holmsund to empty the fuels system and clean the tanks and pipes. This work is expected to take 8-10 days. During this thime Helena will keep up the traffic. Today, however, it is to hard weather to get Helena from Holmön and the tours today are cancelled. As soon possible, Helena will resume the traffic.
Info about the communkationerns
During Thursday morning 4 January, all tours were cancelled and then Capella was moored in Byviken due to technical problems and Helena was taken into traffic. With hard weather and poor visibillity the 6/7- and 16/17-tours today 5 January have also been cancelled.
Info from the KOM-group
Now the report for 2017 is available. Read more at KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
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