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HAEF reminds of the work day at the shop on Saturday [Read more (in Swe)].
Extra tour with the ferry
On Friday 11/10, the ferry will run an extra tour departing Norrfjärden at 14 and departing Holmön at 15.
Info from HUF regarding Prästgården (updated)
Prästgården is owned by Sävar-Holmön Congregation, but is, since 1 September 2019, run by the village association Holmöns Development Forum (HUF), with the aim to purchase the property during 2020. [Läs mer (in Swe)]
Ferry in operation again
The ferry traffic has been resumed after the storm this morning according to schedule.
More cancelled ferry tours
The afternoon tours today with the ferry are also cancelled.
Ferry cancelled
The ferry tours from 16 today until 13 tomorrow are cancelled due to had weather.
Meeting regarding the communication to Holmön
The new ferry coordinator, Camilla Kindström, has called all parties concerned (e.g., Trafikverket Region Norr, Färjerederiet, Kommunen, Länsstyrelsen, Region Västerbotten, KOM-gruppen) to a meeting regarding the communications to Holmön. The meeting will be held on the 22nd October.
Info from the Harbor association (Hamnföreningen)
Read more at their webpage (in Swe)
Call to Annual Meeting
HUF calls to Annual Meeting on 29 September at 14:00 in Prästgården (Vicar's place).
Besides ordinary annual meeting agenda there is also a proposal to make a change of HUF's regulations. The main reason is to make it possible to take over Prästgården as rural community center and be able to apply for and recieve grants for running expenses.
Read the call with agenda (in Swe, PDF opens in new window)
Read proposal to new regulations (in Swe, PDF opens in new window)
Read current regulations (in Swe, PDF opens i new window)
Info from the KOM-group
Capella goes to warf. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Info from Holmö Summer Theater
Read more at their website (in Swe)
Info from the KOM-group
New situation this autumn. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Info from the Prästgård group
Now it is time for the first Village Luncheon at Prästgården (Vicar's Place). On Staurday 7 September at 12.00 we gather to eat soup and socialize with information and discussions regarding the future for Prästgården.
From the 1st September Holmöns Development Forum (HUF) takes over and run Prästgården, at start with an one year leasing contract, but the aim is to be able to buy the premesis during 2020. To easier disseminate information about the porcess there will be Village Luncheon the first Staurday each month. 
Sign-up list can be found at the shop. The price for the lunch is free of choice and the exess goes directly to the fund for Prästgården.
See you at Prästgården!
Elenor, Joar, Jorik och Maja
The Prästgård group
Info from the KOM-group
Info regarding the autumn. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Week schedule closed for the season
From the week after the song festival the weekly schedule has been closed for the season.


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