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Info from the KOM-group
Information about Färjerederiets press release. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Use Prästgården
Prästgården (the Vicar's home) is a resource for the village. Now when HUF is renting the place,  you can book it for own activities. It is free of charge, but a volutarily contribution to the Prästgården Fund is appreciated. You can use it for e.g.,

* Board meetings in societes
* Use the kitchen for cooking or baking
* Sauna evenings
* Physical exercise
* Courses
* Film evenings

Book at The only restriction is that paying hostel guests have priority.
Please give feedback after the use. What was good and less good? What can be improved?
Info from the KOM-group
Information from meeting today about the Holmön track. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Ferry traffic resumed
The ferry traffic to Holmön will be resuned this afternoon with departure from Holmön at 15.00. Then according to schedule.
Info from the KOM-group
Information from Färjerederiet. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Cancelled tours with the ferry
Now came notice that all tours with the ferry are cancelled, preliminary up to 11 November due to the weather situation.
Breakdown with Capella
The Holmö ferry Capella had a breakdown out in Kvarken during the 10-tour from Holmön to the main land. The crew had to make an emergency achoring out at sea outside of Pannan. The Rescue Helicopter (SAR) with surface rescue crew have evacuated the passengers and the ships crew and the ship is still on anchor. No one was injured and all are back on land. It is unclear at the moment when the other ferry Helena Elisabeth can be in traffic since this ferry is at the harbor on Holmön and no crew is avaiable on Holmön.
No vehiecles on Capella
Due to the comming hard weather, Färjerederiet announces that they will not take any vehiecles on Capella from Saturday morning and onwards. Only walking passengers. Preliminary up to 11 November.
Flu vaccination on Holmön
From 16 novembe, it is possbile to get flu vaccination on Holmön. Register via e-mail to or by telephone 090-55170. 
OBS! This offer only apply for those who have previus vaccinations.
Info fom the Holmö modelle
How do you want service to develop on Holmön? Take part and make a differnece by answering a poll. Read more at Holmömodellens own websida (in Swe). Go to the poll (in Swe).
More info from HUF - Do you want to park in Byviken this winter?
HUF will charge a snow clearance fee for those who want to park their car at the parking lot opposit to the shop this winter. The fee is the same as last winter, 300 SEK. Will you use your car this winter and want to park? Sign up by an e-mail to Jorik ( ) or on the list at the shop. We need name and registration number of teh car. Pay at the shop or to HUF:s bank giro or via Swisch. All surplus will be used to future snow clearance and maintenance of the parking lot.
If you wont use the car this winte, we appreciate if you park the car by your house. Our hope is that only cars in winter use park at the lot, to facilitate snow clearnce. If you need transport to/from theferry, contact Jorik for help.
P4 Västerbotten will send from Holmön
Radio Västerbottens afternoon broadcast will be from Holmön this afternoon.
Info från HUF
Our new project with financial support from Tillväxtverket is called: Holmömodellen - Förstudie kring servicelösningar för skärgård och landsbygd. The project has now an own webpage on Holmö portal and there is a link in the link block above. Go to the project webpage. So far there is only information i Swedish.
Info from the KOM-group
Meeting regarding the ferry communication. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Cancelled tours
The tours today after the moved tours have been cancelled as well as the first tours tomorrow morning due to hard weather.
Moving of ferry tours
The tours today at 18 from Norrfjärden and at 19 from Holmön are moved to depart at 14 from Norrfjärden and at 15 from Holmön.
Extra business hours at the shop
The shop will be open all evenings 17-19 during the moose hunting week from Friday 11/10 - Friday 18/10.
HAEF reminds of the work day at the shop on Saturday [Read more (in Swe)].
Extra tour with the ferry
On Friday 11/10, the ferry will run an extra tour departing Norrfjärden at 14 and departing Holmön at 15.
Info from HUF regarding Prästgården (updated)
Prästgården is owned by Sävar-Holmön Congregation, but is, since 1 September 2019, run by the village association Holmöns Development Forum (HUF), with the aim to purchase the property during 2020. [Läs mer (in Swe)]
Ferry in operation again
The ferry traffic has been resumed after the storm this morning according to schedule.
More cancelled ferry tours
The afternoon tours today with the ferry are also cancelled.
Ferry cancelled
The ferry tours from 16 today until 13 tomorrow are cancelled due to had weather.
Meeting regarding the communication to Holmön
The new ferry coordinator, Camilla Kindström, has called all parties concerned (e.g., Trafikverket Region Norr, Färjerederiet, Kommunen, Länsstyrelsen, Region Västerbotten, KOM-gruppen) to a meeting regarding the communications to Holmön. The meeting will be held on the 22nd October.


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