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Change of ferry
Tomorrow 12 June Capella will operate the mornig tours but then be changed to Helena Elisabeth for the afternoon tours due to scheduled maintenance work.
Info about the sewer inspection
[Read more (in Swe)]  
Novas Inn opens for the season
New tiimes from today
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 - 20:00
Friday - Saturday: 11:00 - 02:00
The Mail Rowing Society (Postroddsföreningen) reminds of Annual meeting on Friday. Read more at their website (in Swe).
Info from the firefighting practice
At the firefighting practice, the drilling-master informed us about the new plan for firefighting on Holmön. It is Sävar fire brigade that will do the first-hand effort to support the firefighting team on Holmön. Sävar fire brigade has made some practice to load on Capella with a large and a smaller vihecle. They will be able to come to Holmön within an hour if the ferry staff is in place when there is an alarm. The ferry staff does not have duty when not working. This means that outside worktime it can take longer time to come to Holmön. In such case, Umeå fire brigade will take over and send a commander and some fifefighters with helicopter to assist the firefighting team on Holmön. Today there is about 50 participants signed up to the firefighting team. Participation is volutarily and there is no duty service. The team practive once a year before the summer season. Salary is paid whhen called for duty and pracyice. If you wish to participate in the team contact Olle Nygren ( or 070-6636706). He can also give more information.
The Harbor Association (Hamnföreningen) reminds of workday on Sunday.
Info from the Mail Rowing Association (Postroddsföreningen)
New location for the Annual meeting. Read more at Postroddsföreningens website (in Swe).
Ferry runs again
The ferry will resume the traffic from this afternoon.
Info from the KOM-group
Helenas return delayed. Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
The morning tours today are also cancelled due to hard weather.
Cancelled tours
The afternoon tours today are cancelled due to hard weather.
New week schedule
Now a schedule for week 21 is available on the Swedish start page.
Info from the Mail Rowing Association (Postroddsföreningen)
Call to Annual meeting. Read more at Postroddsföreningens website (in Swe).
Water pipe has been attended to
The loop of Vakins water pipe that had floated up to the sea surface has under yresterday evening been cut of and towed to land. It is not unlikely that more of the pipe will flot up later on. For you who go between Byviken and Norrfjärden, keep attention. 
Info from the Harbor Association
Work day [Read more (in Swe)]
A loop of Vakins water pipe under Kvarken (not in use today) has floated up to the sea surface. It is a ca 50 m long loop that flots in N-S direction about 300 m outside of Lillhälla in direction towards Lillhällgrundet seamark and Norrfjärden. The position is N 63° 48,884'; E 20° 51,627'. It is not unlikely that more of the pipe will float up. There will be a brutal stop if one hit the pipe with a small boat. The incident is reported to the ferry and the Swedish Maritime Administration.
Recycling station opens for the season
On Thursday the recycling station will open. Read and download PDF with schedule (in Swe).
New information channel
Before each week this summer HUF will compile a schedule for activities during the coming week. The schedule will be posted at the shop and other boards. On Holmö portal Swedish startpage there is a link to a PDF with the schedule, which, so far, only is available in Swedish.
Info from the Summer Theater
Read more at the Teater website (in Swe).
Remider that it is possibe to make a pre-time vote in the EU election on Sunday at Prästgården between 12:00-14:30. [Read more (in Swe)]
Reminder of course 1 June on heart starter/HLR [Read more (in Swe)]
Påminner om att det går att förtidsrösta i EU-valet nu på söndag [Läs mer]
Påminner om utbildning den 1 juni för hjärtstartare/HLR [Läs mer]
Helena to shipyard
On Saturady 4 May, Helena will depart for annual service at shipyard. There will also be a change of seats at the same time. Preliminary, Helena is expected to be back on 26 May.


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