First half year 2008 in revers order

Course at the Boat museum with Eva Fröman
Woodcraft – bended stick and bark
Adults and children from 6 years are welcome to practice woodcraft in fresh wood.
Come to the boat workshop between 12:30 and 16,00 from Monday 30/6 to Thursday 3/7.
The course is free of charge!

Post rowing from Holmön
Boat teams gather during Friday evening. Mingle in Byviken. Both Hamnkrogen and Holmö Havsbad are open. Start on Saturday morning at 9.00 [Read the Programme (in Swe)]
Holmö Havsbad (ex Panget) opens on Freday
[Read more (in Swe)]
Länsstyrelsen (County administration) stops the hovercraft
[R ead more (in Swe)]
Midsummer at Holmön picture show
[Read more (in Swe)]
Summer music at Hamnkrogen
[Read more (in Swe)]
Vacancies at the hostel on Fjäderägg
Due to late cancellations, one of the apartments (= 8 beds) is vacant during Midsummer weekend. Book at 070 6917220
Information from the shop
Change of some of the volunteer tasks
Business hours during the midsummer week
Read more at the Shop web pages (in Swe)


There are several work shifts available for volunteer work this summer
See the schedule and book your work shift at the Shop websida


Orders of alcoholic beverage to Midsummer
Orders must be placed before Tuesday at 12.00 for delivery on Thursday afternoon.
The programme for SeaJazz is ready
Read more at SeaJazz web page (in Swe).


I nformation from the IS-group about a public letter regarding a  planned move of the ferry
Read more at the IS-group webpage (in Swe).


Do not forget to book your work task in the shop.
Read more at the shop web site (in Swe)


Fire ban!!!
Now, for the time being, there is a total fire ban on Holmön Islands due to the dry weather.
Move the ferry
Färjerederiet announces that the purchase of a transfer of the ferry staff dwelling to Norrfjärden has commenced. There are three major reasons according to Mattias Bergstén.
1. The access to entrepreneurs to secure the operation of the ferry
2. The possibility to make the Holmö line more attractive for de seamen that can be recruited
3. In case of an acute disease or similar incident the ferry can bring medical staff to the Holmön

New information
Read more on IS-group webpage (in Swe)
Read more on Harbour Association webpage (in Swe)


School break-up
Holmöns school breaks up on June 4 with a ceremony in Holmöns church at 9.30. Gudrun Olofsson leads the ceremony. After that there will be a final gathering at the school with "fika". Parents and villagers are welcome both to the church and the school.


Early afternoon tour with the ferry
Färjerederiet announces that the early afternoon tour at 14.30 from Holmön and 15.30 from Norrfjärden is cancelled from Tuesday 10 June due to the school summer holidays. The summer schedule begins on 16 June.


New routines for orders from Systembolaget
The shop announces that the routines for ordering from Systembolaget will be changed.
Read more at The shop webpage (in Swe)


New information from the IS-group
Read more on IS-group webpage (in Swe).


Reminder for Saturday next weekend 31 May
Working Day in Byviken [Read more (in Swe)]
Practice with the fire brigade
Working Day at the shop. Read more at HAEFs webpage (Just nu).


New information from HAEF
Member letter, tasks and schedule for volunteer work
Read more on HAEFs webpage (in Swe).


Information about the Recycling Facility
This year opening hours at the Recycling Facility (Garbage station) [Read more (in Swe)]


Do you want summer work as Guest Harbour Host ?
The work is for four two-week periods from 16 June to 10 August. [Read more (in Swe)]


Information about the new schedule for the ferry
Färjerederiet has now presented the new schedule for the ferry starting from 16 June
[Read more (in Swe]             [Download the schedule as PDF-fil e]


New information from Postroddsföreningen (Mail Rowing Association)
Read more on their web page (in Swe).


New information from HAEF
Read more on HAEFs webpage (in Swe).


New on the Portal
Now there are new pages on the portal (see links on the menu above). There are a link to a page with a presentation of Holmön. There is also a link to a page with information to them to wish to become inhabitant on Holmön. The Event-page has also been extended with additional information. Please note that these pages are only available in Swedish.  


Correction regarding exemption f or the ferry
Mattias Bergstén, the ferry line manager, informs that at the Maritime Safety Inspectorate's  annual inspection, the inspector reported that it is possible to prolong the certificate for the ferry until 30 June 2010 without a need for an exemption. This means that the ferry will not be degraded to 60 passengers until 1 July 2010. It gives 1,5 years extra time to find a sustainable solution for the communications.


The shower house in Byviken opens
The water has now been turned on in the service building in Byviken and the showers can be used.


Car inspection
This year car inspection will be 26-27 August. Time booking on telephone 090-771280.


Easiest ice winter ever measured
SMHI reports that the ice winter 2007/2008 was very mild, in the Finish Bay extreme mild. Looking at the area of distribution this is the mildest ice winter in the Baltic Sea region since the measurements started in the beginning of the 1900 centennial. Only 49 000 km 2 was covered, which can be compared with an normal ice winter with approx. 180 000 km 2. During the record winter 1986/87 up to 420 000 km 2 was ice covered.
[Read more (in Swe)]


Pictures from the fire on Walpurgis Eve
Leif Eriksson contributes with some pictures from the fire on Walpurgis Eve. The fire was lit down on the east side in Byviken [See m ore (legends in Swe)]


Information from t he IS-group
The IS-group leaves report for April [Läs mer (in Swe)]


Postroddsföreningen informs
Postroddsföreningens holds its annual meeting on 8 May at 19:00 in Maria Fessés home, Kungsgatan 103, Umeå. The board encourage suggestion to items for the agenda.
All who have interest to participate in any of our boats notify Gustaf Egnell ( ) or any one in the board. 
It is also time to renew the membership for 2008. The member fee is 50 SEK per person and year – family membership cost 150 SEK per family and year. Member fee shall be paid to postal giro 98 76 61 – 6. Do not forget to give name and e-mail address.
Cleaning day carried out
[Read more (in Swe)]
HUGO informs
The Hugo Youth will sell hamburgers, sausages and carbonated drinks at the Walpurgis fire.
Lanthandeln informs
Business hours during Walpurgis/1:a May [Läs mer (in Swe)]
Action plan for Byviken
The Harbour Association presents an action plan for Byviken [Read more (in Swe)]
The ice report ends for the season
It is now free from ice in Kvarken and the ice report can be terminated for season [Read more ]
Reminder of the cleaning day on Saturday 26/4
The Harbour Association reminds of the cleaning day in Byviken [Read more (in Swe)]
Information from the Harbour Association and the IS-group
The Harbour Association calls to a cleaning day in Byviken [Read more (in Swe)]
The IS-group has got an extract of the minutes from the latest VV board meeting [Read more (in Swe)]


Clarification from Hamnföreningen
Regarding rental of boat places this summer  [Read more (inSwe)]
The Recycling Station is open form the first time this season
[Read more (in Swe)]
Picture from the Easter Luncheon 2008
Carina Krisandersson Åkerström has sent some pictures from this years Easter Luncheon. [See pictures ]
Information from the IS-group
[R ead more (in Swe)]


Information from the Harbour Association
Rental of boat places this summer and the result from the enquiry [Read more (in Swe)]
Cancelled ferry tour
Today on 10 April, the ferry tour from Norrfjärden at 8.00 is cancelled due to the annual inspection. The ferry will go back to Holmön at about 12.40. The afternoon tours will not be affected.


Road damage on E4 Between Ersboda and Täfteböle
Information to those who plan to go to Norrfjärden from Umeå today. Vägverket announces that there is a road damage in northbound lane on E4 at Åkroken.
Report from IS-gruppen
[Read more (in Swe)]


Fox on the ice ("Räven raskar över isen")
Today that the morning tour with the ferry a fox was sighted on the drifting ice outside of Lillhälla. 
Lanthandeln seeks a stand-in
The shop on Holmön seeks a shop assistant as stand-in [Read more (in Swe)].
Used furniture
The HUGO-youngsters ask for used furnitures (tables, chairs, sofa, armchairs) to HUGO. Do you have furnitures you whish to get rid off contact John Brakander, 070-2885768.
Easter luncheon
The Easter Luncheon will be at the school yard beginning from 13.00.
Ferry schedule during Easter holiday
During Good Friday and Easter Day the ferry operates according to Sunday schedule.
Cancellations apply to the following tours:
Wednesday 26 March and Thursday 27 March the 14:30 tour from Holmön and 15:30 from Norrfjärden are cancelled. All other tours according to schedule.

Lanthandelns business hours during Easter
Thursday  20/3          10-12, 18-19
Friday      21/3          11-13
Saturday  22/3          11-13
Sunday    23/3          11-13
Måndag   24/3           Closed

Information from HUF
Minutes from the extra ånnual meeting 080119 [Read more (in Swe)]
Minutes from the general meeting with Skärgårdarnas Riksförbund (National Association for the Swedish Archipelago) [Read more (in Swe)]

We need more members in HUF. Are you member?? [Read more ]
General call regarding living on Holmön!! [Read more ]


Risk for water slides
Vägverket warn that there is lots of water on the E4 road between Umeå and Ånäset. It is a large  risk of water sliding. You who are going to the Holmön ferry this afternoon - Take it easy!!


Kick sledge competition
This year kick sledge competition gathered 32 participants. Winner was Oskar Egnell with Samuel Lindkvist on second place.

Some history of the Kick sledge competition.
1974 at the merge of Holmöns Kommun and Umeå Kommun, all citizens was offered semlor. Umeås Culture Board continued this tradition for some years and in collaboration with Skid- och friluftsfrämjandet (Ski and Outdoor Association). Torch Slalom e t c was arranged in the different parts of Umeå. This was not possible on Holmön and the idea of a Kick Sledge Competition was evolved. The local Red Cross Circle took up the idea and has since 1985 kept this tradition alive.

The largest number of participants so far has been 50, which was in 1996. At that race 4 L of blueberry soup, 120 semlor (a special Swedish cream bun eaten in the Lent), 20 L of coffee was consumed and six raffles with 100 tickets to support the Red Cross was sold. In 2005 Lars Brakander came first on the record time of 9 min 20 seconds. Lars brother John came second at the time 10.50, with Oscar Egnell at 11 min sharp in third place. Most first places (at own force) has John Brakander. Han has been first 3 times. The oldest participant so far has been Karl-August Holmgren who, in 2003, participated at an age 79 years old. The youngest participants so far has been the twins Fanny and Nelly Nygren who were 1 month old when they participated for the first time in 2001 (lying in a baby box, mounted on the kick sledge, and with their father kicking the sledge).

Cancelled service
The service in the church on Saturday 8 March id cancelled due to illness.


Report from IS-gruppen
[Read more (in Swe)]


Cancelled ferry tours
On 3, 5 and 6 March are the ferry tours at 14.30 from Holmön and 15.30 from Norrfjärden cancelled due to school holiday.


Referral answer from IS-gruppen
The IS-group has now left their answer on the referral [Läs mer (in Swe)]


Kick sledge competition
On Tuesday March 4 (Tuesday during winter school holiday), there is the traditional kick sledge competition with start at the school at noon, with blueberry soup control in the Lundström slope and "fika" with "semlor" after Finish. Prices to all participating children. Raffles, price ceremony during the "fika" at the school. All children and adults are welcome to participate.


The SMS-function for the ferry is in operation again
The Ferry Track Manager Mattias Bergsten informs that the SMS-function from the Traffic Information Centre (TIC:n) is in operation again.


The IS-groups answer on the referral  
The IS-group has written an answer to the referral from Länsstyrelsen regarding Färjerederiets application for approval of hovercraft traffic [Läs mer (in Swe)]


Information regarding the IS-groups answer on a referral  
The IS-group is going to answer to the referral from Länsstyrelsen regarding Färjerederiets application for approval of hovercraft traffic [Läs mer (in Swe)]


Minutes from the Forum meeting on 19 January
The minutes from this meeting is available [Read more (in Swe)]


Information from the Harbour Association and the IS-group
Harbour Association [Read more (in Swe)]
IS-group [Read more (in Swe)]


Soup luncheon at the public meeting with the National Association for the Swedish Archipelago
The National Association for the Swedish Archipelago offer a free soup luncheon at the public meeting on Saturday 2 February. Please notify if you are coming to the meeting so adequate amout of soup is cocked. Notify your participation on the list at the shop or directly to Lena Engell, 090 55169 or e-mail   
Public meeting with the National Association for the Swedish Archipelago
The National Association for the Swedish Archipelago invites to about 15 meetings during this winter with the theme "Archipelago for the Future" in collaboration with the new Rural Network. The National Association for the Swedish Archipelago arrange one of this meetings in collaboration with HUF on Holmön on 2 February between the ferry tours [Läs mer (in Swe)]. 
Products to the shop
The shop declare that there will be full supply of products the coming weekend. [Läs mer (in Swe)] 
Telephone communication in operation
At about 11.00, the telephones were working again.
Limited amount of products in the shop this weekend
Due to the broken telecommunications, the shop has not been able to order products for delivery this week. This means that there will be a limited amount of products this weekend and nest week.
Still continued break in the telephone communication
The time is now about 09.00 on January 15. There is still a break in both the cable and mobile telephone networks. The break has now lasted for almost 24 hours and Holmön has no telephone communication with the mainland. The cable network works within the island.


Continued break in the telephone communication
The time is now about 00.30. There is still a break in both the cable and mobile telephone networks. The break has now lasted for more than 13 hours and Holmön has no telephone communication with the mainland. The cable network works within the island.


Break in telephone communications
At about 11.00 a telephone cable was cut by mistake on the mainland. The cut cable caused a break in the telephone communication to Holmön. It is a break of both the cable and mobile networks from Holmön to the mainland. The cable network works within the island.


Info from the Shop
Now there is a new member letter available [Read the letter (in Swe)]


Infrastructure group
In order to follow up the letter to Infrastructure minister Åsa Thorstensson, a group has been formed: the Infrastructure group (IS-group).  [Läs mer (in Swe]


Ice report commence
This winter ice report has now commenced [
Public meeting with soup lunch 19 January at 12.30
HUF calls to a public meeting open for members and non-members at Holmöns school on Saturday 19 January [Läs mer (in Swe)]. The meeting starts with a short extra annual meeting [Läs mer (in Swe)]


From Monday 7 January the ferry is back on normal schedule. The ferry office also informs that the SMS service from Traffic Information Centre (TIC-en) does not work at the moment.
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