Second half year 2018
in reverse chronological order

Bad weather on Holmön
After getting the power back after a three hours power break we can report that the afternoon ferry tours have been cancelled due to the weather.
More about Capella
There are problems with the helm. Staff from Gustavsviks shipyard will come up after the weekends to fix the problems. Until then Helena Elisabeth will be in traffic.
Capella on route
Now all tests with Capella has been completed.
A few hours ago, Capella departed from Gustavsviks shipyard in Ramvik. She is now on route upp to Holmön.
The plan is that Capella will be back in traffic on Sunday afternoon.

More cancelled ferry tours
The ferry is cancelled to 10:00 on Sunday 2 December due to har weather. The cancel time is preliminary and can be changed with short notice. 
So it is time to decorate for Advent again, and indicate that we are cloing up this year.
And also ythis year summer has come and gone. It has been a warm and sunny summer, but also hard work load for many of us.
For us on the track it has been tough work with may passengers, smal ferry and thight tours. But we managed, and our greatest thanks goes to Helena Elisabeth who faitfully run day out and day in! But we will also give a thanks to all islanders and other passengers who have shown us great understanding, supported us and held both yours and our tempers up althouth the situation this summer.

So thank you all for good collaboration duirng the year and have a nice Christmas season and good luck for 2019!
The ferry crew on Holmön track.
Continued hard weather and cancelled ferry
The ferry tours at 16:00 from Norrfjärden and 17:00 from Holmön are cancelled. The tours at 18:00 from Norrfjärden and 19:00 from Holmön will, however, run on schedule. 
Ferry cancelled
The ferry traffic is cancelled for the time beeing due to hard weather.
Updated 16:00
All tours today are cancelled. Preliminary, the first tour will depart from Norrfjärden tomorrow 30/11 at 8.00.
Regarding the ferry
The ferry staff warns that the tours on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning might be cancelled due to hard weather. There may also be shifts in the schedule.
Info about Capella
Capella will be tested at 17-19 December and is exepcted to be back in traffic on Holmön track before Christmas.
Info from the KOM-group
The KOM-group and HUF has had a meeting with the manager of the Holmön track.
Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Refreshments at 1:a Advent
Holmöns Red Cross group arranges 1:a advenst refreshments with raffles at Holmöns Lanthandel. Welcome!
Info about broadband
Unfortunately there has not been enough interest for the solution with fibre and microwave link presented by Umeå Energi. Now, Umeå Energi is looking over caculationa and look for alternative solutions. HUFs working group for broadband will return when we know more.
Christmas buffet at Novas Inn
Read more in the calendarium or at Novas FB-page (both in Swe).
Info about Capella from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-groups webpage (in Swe)
More info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-groups webpage (in Swe)
Info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-groups webpage (in Swe)
Info about Capella
Färjerederiet announces this about Capella. Work goes according to plan. The last parts to the stearing machinery arrives in week 45. It take some days to mout these parts. Then, test drives will follow and transport up to Holmön during week 46. If weather and wind allows and things goes as planned Capella will be in traffic again in week 47.
FAQ about broadband
At the HUF-meeting on 14 October there was some questions. Read questions and answers (in Swe).
Workday at the shop
Now on Saturday 27 Oct at 13.00 it is time to come nad make it nice and clean at the shop. Welcome to a workday, refreshments and nice company.
Reminder about winter parking
To use the parking lot during winter, it has to be cleared from snow. Anyone who whish to park a car during winter, has to sign the list at the shop before 15 November. Those who use the winter parking have to pay a snow clearing fee of 300 SEK for the winter. To be able to know how large area that has to be cleared from snow, all winter parkers have to sign the list at the shop.
Info from Holmö Summer theater
Autumn play. Read more at their website (in Swe).
New info from the ferry
The ferry is repaired and runs on schedule. All tours run without call.
Info from the ferry
The ferry is cancelled this afternoon due to technical problems.
HUF extra annual meeting/information meeting
HUF calls to an extra annual meeting/forum meeting to inform about broadband connection on Holmön. See notice from 26/9 below for more info about the broadband connection. The meeting will be om Sunday 14 October at 15:00 in Holmögården.
Info about the ferry
There are much people on Holmön this weekend. The ferry staff has therefore added an exytra tour on Sunday at 14 from Norrfjärden and at 15 froom Holmön.
Broadband! Why on Holmön?

See the film clip! (in Swe)

Broadband is desired infrastructure and important for Holmöns development. Although 4G works somewhat it is not always stable and overloaded during summer.
  • Broadband raises the value of the property.

  • No requirements to connect to internet.

  • Facilitates private enterprise.

  • Will encourage more to take the step and move permanently to Holmön when more can work from home.
Contact or Umeå energi if you have questions.
More info; (in Swe)
read more at: (in Swe)
HUF Annual Meeting
HUF holds the Annual Meeting on Sunday 23 September at 14.00 in Holmögården.
Read the agenda (in Swe)
Info from the Harbour Association (Hamnföreningen)
Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe)
Info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-groups webpage (in Swe)
No moose hunting in September
The hunting team leader in Holmöns moose hunting team reminds that there will be no moose hunting in Sweptember. The moose hunting will start in October from 13 oktober. This means that it is free to walk in the forrrests an to pick berries and mushrooms.
Reminder of Mushroom excursion
[Read more (in Swe)]

Moose party
Holmöns Moose hunting team invites to Moose Party at Novas Inn on Saturday 15 September at 19.00. Sign-up on the list at Holmöns Lanthandel.

Fire ban cancelled
The fire ban on Holmön islands will be cancelled from 18:00 today.

Reminder of annual meeting
Tomorrow there will be the annual meeting with Holmöns Såg & Kvarnförening (Saw and mill assocoation). the meeting will be held at the saw at 10.00.

No show on Holmögadd
The lighthouse show on Holmögadd is cancelled due to hard wind.

Reminder of the International Lighthouse weekend
This weekend 18-19 August, there is the International Lighthouse Weekend. Three of the lighthouses on Holmön islands are shown during the weekend. [Read more (in Swe)]

New pend hours
From today there is new business hours at the shop.
Read more at the shop website (in Swe).

There will be a surströmming (fermented herring) party on 25 august.
[Read more (in Swe)]

No tours with Sanna today
Due to the wind, there will be no tours with Sanna today. 

Sanna here in the beginning of next week too
Färjerederiet announces that Sanna will remain at Holmön for transports on Monday och Tuesday next week. Sanna will, preliminary return to Hemsön on Wednesday next week.

Continued fire ban on Holmön
From tomorrow 8 August, it is allowed to make a BBQ with gas, charcoal or briquettes in a dedicated BBQ on your own property. The fire ban continues for all other activities with open fire, i.e fire or BBQ in public areas as well as use of camping cooking devices outdoors and in tents.

No tours with Sanna today
There will be no tours with Sanna today due to hard wind.

More info regarding Sanna
Sanna will come to Holmön on Saturday and begin transports on Monday if the weather allows. Same schedule as in spring i.e.:

Mon - Fri
Holmön             Norrfjärden
08:00                  09:30
11:00                  12:30
13:45                  15:00

No reservations, only first in queue. Svevia and Vakin has priority for their transport needs.
Telephone to Sanna 070-255 98 53. Telephone time 08:00 – 17:00.

Info about Sanna
Regarding Sanna for extra transports to Holmön during August, this will be done on 6/8 if the weather allows and all works well at the Hemsö track. More info about schedule will be announced later.
Info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-groups webpage (in Swe)
Total fire ban i Västerbotten County
From tomorrow 27 July there is a total fire ban in Västerbotten County. This means that it is not allowed outdoors to make fire, use grill (coal or gas), and portable cooking devices with gas or spirits. The ban also applies to own property and inside tents. [Läs mer]
Holmö week
The Homlön week begins on Monday. Now the program is available.
Read more at Holmö week website (in Swe).
Reminder of Annual meeting
Hamnföreningen will have their Annual meeting in the boat museum at 10 Saturday 14 July.
[Read more (in Swe)]
Reminder of BBQ-evening
HUFs BBQ-meeting is 17 July at 18.30 by the Boat Museum. [Read more (in Swe)]
Changed time åt ÅVG
Now coming Saturday 7 July, the open time at the recycling station (ÅVG) is changed to 9-12 due to the premiere of the summer theater.

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