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Second half year 2005

The ice report begins
Today comes the first icereport for this winter season.
Panget informs
Info about the New Year Eve menu can be found on  Panget's web page (in Swe).
Changes in the ferry schedule during Christmas and New Year weekends

The ferry staff announces that there will be some changes in the schedule during Christmas and New year weekends. 
Day dep Holmön dep Norrfjärden
Christmas Eve  9.00 10.00
Christmas Day 9.00 10.00
Christmas Day 16.30 17.30
Boxing Day 9.00 10.00
Boxing Day 16.30 17.30
New Years Eve 9.00 10.00
New Years Eve 15.40 16.40
New Years Day 15.40 16.40
Lucia celebration
The school invites Villagers and parents to a Lucia celebration at the school on Tuesday 13 December at 8.30. 
Info from UmEva
UmEva informs that the water quality now is good and that the chlorination will be terminated. [Readmore (in Swe) ]
Don't forget the Christmas buffet
Panget reminds of the Christmas buffet on Saturday 10 December. Table reservation can be made by telephone 070-2621368 or fax 090-55016.
Info from UmEva
UmEva informs that there are a low level of coliformic bacteria in the drinking water. Chlorination will commence tomorrow.. [Read more (in Swe) ]
New Years Eve
Panget will be open on New Years Eve. Make reservation for a table with a three course dinner and champange at midnight or reserve a place in the bar at the late entree after dinner. Reservations can be made to Panget, tel 070-2621368 or fax 090-55016. More info will come later.
Info about Holmön
Länsstyrelsen (The County Administration) has information about Holmön and nature reserve on their web site. [Readmore ]
Christmas luncheon
This year Christmas luncheon will be arranged on Saturday 10 December at Panget in collaboration with the  Red Cross.  Reservations can be made to Panget, tel 070-2621368 or fax 090-55016. More info will come later.
The district nurse will have consultation at Kaplangården, Holmön, on Wed 9 November at 13.00 for vaccination against influenza.
Panget reminds of the Pub evenings on 4 and 5 November. Dinner after pre-reservation on tel 070-2621368.
Extra annual meeting
HUF calls to an extra annual meeting at the school on Saturday 5 November at 11.00. On the agenda are the annual economic report, the revision report and the question of adoption of the report and accounts.  
Panget reminds of the Pub evening on 14 October with live music by Respekt
Samfällighetsföreningen reminds of the work day in Jäbäck on 8 October.
No cancelled tours
The moose hunters can rest calm. Färjerederiet announces that they will change the plans. There will be no cancelled tours on Saturday 8 October. 
Cancelled ferry tours
The ferry staff announces on the ferry that there is a plan to cancel the two ferry tours on Saturday 8 October due to change of propeller. Comments can be given to the staff on phone 070-3464819 or 090-55255. 
Do not forget the Moose party on Saturday 8 October. Sign up at the shop.
New date
New date for HUFs annual meeting is set to Sunday 25 September
SMS about the ferry
Do you with to receive an SMS message to you mobile phone if a ferry tour to Holmön is delayed or cancelled - call TICEN (Trafic Information Center) on 020-227766 and register your mobile number.
HUF Annual meting
All members and other interested are welcome to Holmöns Utvecklingsforums annual meeting on Saturday 24 September at 12.30 at the school. 
[Read more (In Swe)]
New business hours at the shop
The shop changes businesshours today.
Fire ban is terminated
After the rain during the past time, the fire ban has been terminated.
Mail rowing meeting
On July 28, the Mail Rowing Association  (Postroddsföreningen) will hold its annual meeting at 19.00 in the school to discuss the future of the association. [Readmore in Swe ]
Ferry back
The ferry returned to Holmön tonight and will be back i traffic tomorrow morning.  
Thanks to 
the Sea Rescue
A great THANK YOU to the Sea Rescue for their terrific work with transport of goods and passengers from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning.
Vidar III comes
The repair of Holmöfärjan has been more difficult than expected.  This evening, the ferry Vidar III from Norrbyn will arrive as replacement while the repair of Holmöfärjan is completed. The afternoon tour from Holmön is expected to depart two hours delayed, about 17.30.
05-07-07 Afternoon
Ferry stop
The Shipping Inspection require a change of the driving machinery. A renovated machinery is on its way on a lorry from Stockholm and is expected to arrive during the night 7-8 July. The work with changing the machinery is expected to be ready on Monday after the weekend. 
Fire ban
Due to the dry and warm weather there is a

Fire ban on Holmön from 050707

Only charcoal in fixed fire places, BBQs, or disposal BBQs, placed on non-burning surface, may be used.

05-07-06 22.30
Ferry stop
The ferry is now repaired. However, the Shipping Inspection will not approve the ferry for traffic before the drive line has been examined by experts. They will come from Stockholm with the first morning flight. This means that the Sea Rescue will maintain the traffic at Thursday (tomorrow) morning tours. The planned goods transport for the shop with a small lorry will not be possible. The gods will have to be hand loaded from the lorry to the Sea rescue boat in Norrfjärden and back onto a lorry at Byviken on Holmön. This may cause delays both in the communication and the delivery of good to the shop.
05-07-06 kl 14.30
Ferry stop
The Sea Rescue has evacuated the passengers onboard and the ferry will be towed in to Norrfjärden. Spare parts will be flown in and the ferry will be repaired during the night. If the work goes as planned, the ferry will be back in business tomorrow morning. It is not clear yet, but hopefully will the Sea Rescue run the afternoon tour today.
Ferry stop
Today on the mid-day tour, the ferry had a stop out in Kvarken on its way from Holmön. The ferry is now still without any manoeuvre capacity and waits for assistance from the Sea Rescue. There is 15 passengers onboard. 

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