Holmöns Boat museum

Open from mid-June to mid-August 
For booking at other times contact

Åke Sandström
, tel 090 13 11 28 el 55 127 

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(orginalfoto S Jansson)

Interior from the old barn, 1988 (photo B Stenvall, VK)

Holmöns Boat museum
Holmön is particularly famous for the skillful boat builders, who for long time maintained the old way of building boats. Even duing 1940-ies the curved parts of the hull was cut out with axe and knife. Tar and seal fat was used to preserve the wood. 
When the boats was motorised this old boats lost their use and were often abandoned on the beaches. When only few bots remaind this cultural treasure was recognised and the last boats on the island were saved by private means in an old barn. This collection of boats came to be the basis of todays boat museum. 
Boat museum content
The boat museum was built during the winter 95/96 and its major exibition and visitor center during winter 97/98. The museum consists of eight houses, all more or less joind together to a unit. The museum was opened on 27 June 1998. The exibition describe the different old boat types used on Holmön and how they were used. 

The boat builders house is a combindes exibistion hall and workshop. The boat building process is described and the workshop is used for boat building courses, which are held each summer. 

The yearly seasons house shows important activities during the different seasons of the year: Spring fishing for perch, pike and herring; Summer fishing for salmon and autumn fishing for whitefish and grayling. 

The beacon shows the important winter time seal hunting, which was carried out on the ice of the Bothnic Gulf. The hunting teams lived on boats (so called fälbåt), which was pulled on the ice and the hunting continued for several month. 

1900-talets house shows the technical developments on Holmön from 1900 and onwards when the motorised boats came. 

The boat museum is owned by a foundation "Stiftelsen Holmöns Båtmuseum" with  representatives from FöreningenBåtmuseets Vänner, Länsmuseet, Länsstyrelsen, Postroddsföreningen och Holmöns Hembygdsförening.

Summer year 2001
During the summer (30 July - 10 August) there was courses in boat building and rope making 

Holmöslupen . See pictures from the building of Holmöslupen.


Contact person for the museum is:

Lena Tengnér, tel 090 49 201 

Åke Sandström, tel +4690 131128 or 55127 

Annika Sandström, tel +4690 131128 or 55127 

The museum support organisation 
FöreningenBåtmuseets Vänner


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