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Second half year 2001

The ferry is cancelled
The ferry captain annonounces that the ferry tours are cancelled for the time being due to the ice situation. Yesterdays tour was very slow and the ferry was not back to Holmön until half past seven.   
The ferry
The ferry is running again. The morning tour took 1 h 15 min to Norrfjärden and 50 min back. It was many passengers who came out to the island for the New Year weekend. 
Ferry cancelled
The afternoon ferry today Friday 28 December is cancelled due to hard weather.
Ice report
From today there will be a webpage with  ice reports during the winter. The page will be updated regularly. 
Ferry tour delayed
The ferry captain announces that the ferry tour Friday morning from Norrfjärden 28 December will be delayed to 11.00 due to maintenance work.
Father Christamas visited this year too. Here is he with the Egnell family.
01-12-19 Ferry cancelled The ferry captain has cancelled the ferry tour this morning dure to the hard weather. The afternoon tour will probably also be cancelled. A tree has fallen across the main road and blocks the traffic down to Byviken harbour.
01-12- 17
Ferry tours during Christmas
The ferry shipping announces changes in the toour list during the coming weekends:
Christmas eve - ferry tour only in the morning 7.00 from Holmön and 8.15 from Norrfjärden. Afternoon tour is cancelled.
New Year eve - ferry tour only in the morning 7.00 from Holmön and 8.15 from Norrfjärden. Afternoon tour is cancelled.
01-12- 15
Christmas lunch
Holmöns Red Cross invited to the traditionel Christmas lunch on Holmön Saturday 15 December. This year at the Vicars' place Over 80 villagers and guest took the opportunity to eat from the full smorgasbord, to see the school kids "lussa" and buy raffles. The profit from the day goes to "Världens Barn". See pictures from the lunch.
01-12- 14 Ferry in operation  The ferry is in operation again from today Friday 14 December afternoon tour from Norrfjärden.
01-12- 14
Lucia celebration
See pictures from the Lucia celebration at Holmön school.
01-12- 13
Extra tour with Vidar III
Vidar III arrives to Holmön during the morning 13/12 and will run an extra tour at 12.00 from Holmön and 13.00 from Norrfjärden and the go on schedule Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. 
01-12- 12
Continued cancelled
ferry tours
The changing of propeller has not worked out properly and the  tours on Wednesday afternoon 12/12 and on Thursday morning 13/12 are cancelled too. 
Vidar III is estimated to arrive to Holmön during the day 13/12 to keep up the traffic until the work on the ferry is completed.
Cancelled ferry tours 
The ferry staff announces that the ferry tours will be cancelled due to maintenance on: 
Tuesday 11 Dec 15.40 from Holmön and 16.40 from Norrfjärden 
Wednesday 12 Dec 7.00 from Holmön and 8.15 from Norrfjärden
Changes may have to be done with short notice if problems occur.  
No alternative traffic is going to be arranged.
Read minutes
Read the minutes (in swe) from the Forum meetings this autumn.
Forum meeting
On Friday evening 23 November a Forum meeting will be held at the school. The meeting will end with a party. HUF offer the food. Bring your own drink. 

On the agenda is the presentation of pre-study of the course and conference center. Stellan Lundberg and Anders Nykvist come and present their report.  

The ferry cancelled 
The afternoon tour with the ferry today Thursday 15 November is cancelled due to hard weather.
Info regarding  comming meetings
During the comming month there will be some important meetings: 
On 27 October Visum will give information about their projekt to make Holmön to a folksong centre.
On 5 November there will be a Forum meeting regading the communication issue. 
On 23 November there will be a Forum meeting to inform about the pre-study on the course and conference centre.  
Do you want to participate inchoirsinging? Come to the school on Sunday 28 October at 19.00.  More info TarjaLindkvist, tel 090 55042
Participate in aerobics at the school. On Monday evenings at 19.30 Lotta Otterstedt will lead an aerobics class. For more info call Lotta at tel 090 55051.
HUF calls to a Forum meeting/Village meeting on Saturday 13 October for information on the work in the preliminary study for a Course and Conference centre. More information can be given by LenaEgnell, 090 55169. The meeting will be held at Vickar's house and begins at 10.00.
Elk party
The hunting team annonounces that there, after all, will be a traditional Elk party. This time at Panget on Friday 12 October. For more information see the Calendar.
Information from HUF
Read information (only in Swe)  förstudienrörande Kurs och konferenscenter and HUFs verksamhetsberättelse.
On Saturday 15 September Kaplangården celebrated its 10-year anniversary. They had open house with lunch and entertainment by Rulle Lindberg. Many villagers and visitors took the chance to visit the retirement facility.
On Saturday 8 September the bishop made a visitation at the Holmön church. A cermony was held in the church followed by coffee at the Vicar's house. 


Autumn info
The vacation is over for most of us and the first signs of the autumn can be seen. The ferry changed to wintertimetable on August 20, Stora Lanthandeln has changed their business hours, Båtmuseet has closed for the season. Hamnkrogen will be open until the end of Augudt and Panget has already reduced their business hours.

On Saturday 1 September, the Village community will arrange a working day in Byviken, like last autumn. Everyone is welcome to participate to make Byviken a better place. Start at 9.00 a.m.

The song festival was very successful with wonderful weather and the largest audience ever, although many never manage to get to Holmön even though the ferry and VidarIII made numerous extra tours.

After the song festival there was boatbuilding and rope making courses at the Boat museum. Everyone was free to see how the work progressed. 

The Jazz Festival was also successful although poor weather the day before. Many took the chance to see Renhornen showing off and listen to Blue Groove's cool blues.

In the middle of August Holmön was again in the light when a group of divers found some granades in the water outside of Fjäderägg. The navy was slow in the start but then came with the troups. Special divesr and a patrol boat came and the media watched and we could all see the blasting of the granades on TV and in the papers.

School start
Today at 9.30 the school opened the autumn term with roll call at Holmöns school. Then there were lemonade and cake for the kids and coffe for parents and villagers. This year there will be 14 pupils i the school. It has never been so many since 1960-ies.
See Holmöjazzens vänners information about Sea Jazz.
Mail rowing video clip
Sören Hjelm has made a video clip and picture collage from Postrodden 2001 (this years mail rowing), which can be seen at the following web address:


Mail rowing 
The mail rowing tradtions had 20-year anniversary with. 41 boats came to start at Björkö Saturday 29 June. 

Initially there was no wind and rowing was the only mean to go on. The wind increased during the day and in the end there was only sailing. 

From Trappudden and in to Byviken the wind was straight against and the boats took down the sails and rowed in to Byviken. 

Inside Byviken a record crowed of spectators waited and saluted the boats whne they came. Well on the shore the crews were offered food in the big tent. After accomodation and showers an marvellous party night waited. . 

Mid-summer was celebrated in a traditional maner at Holmögården with dancing aroound the mid-summer pole, other activities, café and raffles. See pictures (swe text).

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