Second half year 2017
in reverse chronological order

Extra tours and cancelled tours
This morning, the tours were cancelled due to high sea level and rough weather. Extra tours were run at 10 from Norrfjärden and 10:45 from Holmön. After that, technical problems occured and the afternoon tours are cancelled due to these problems.
Cancelled ferry tours
This afternoon, the ferry tours at 16 and 17 are cancelled due to hars weather. The tours at 18 and 19 are expected to run on schedule.
The ferry in operation again
There will be extra tours at 13 from Norrfjärden and 14 from Holmön. After that on schedule.
Cancelled tours
Yesterday afternoon, the ferry tours were cancelled, due to hard weather, and this morning, due to technical problems.
The high sea level is decreasing
The sea level has now decreased from +93 cm this morning to +75 cm at noon and is still decreasing. This means that the ferry will run on schedule this afternoon.
High sea level and cancelled tours
Due to the high sea level (over 80 cm high), this morning ferry tours are cancelled.
Power back but more cancelled tours
The power break was about one hour and the power has been stable all dey. Due to the hard weather, the afternoon tours are cancelled. 
Cancelled tours and power break
Due to hard weather, the morning tours are cancelled. There is also a a break in the power supply here on Holmön for the time being.
Info from Färjerederiet
The night between Wednesday and Thursday, the wind will increase from SE. Possibly the sea level will increase to over 80 cm high. No viehcles can be loaded in that case. We do not think that there will be cancelled tours, but, if so, this will be announced by the sms service.
Cancelled tours
Due to the weather, all tours with the ferry today Sunday are cancelled.
Info from KOM-group
Later eveningtours due to Christmas buffet. Read more at KOM-group webpage (in Swe)
More reindeers on Holmön
Today came the first load with more reindeers to Holmön. The Sames plan to transport about 400 more reindeers to Holmön during the coming days. The plan is to begin to evacuate the renideers from Holmön in the monthshift February/March according to information from the County Administration (Länsstyrelsen).
Reminder of  P rules for the parkering lot
Please consider that only veichles in use can use the parking lot. If you aare not going to use your veichle for some time, please park at home. There are individuals you can contact for transport to/from the ferry if you decide to park at home. [Read more (in Swe)]
Cancelled tours
Due to high water level and hard wind, the afternoon tours at 16 fron Norrfjärden and 17 from Holmön will be cancelled and the tours at 18 from Norrfjärden och 19 from Holmön will run only with passengers. No viehcles will be loaded.
Info from KOM-group
Read more at KOM-group webpage (in Swe)
Extra tour
Also the 8 and 9 tours were cancelled. Capella will now run an extra tour at 10:15 from Norrfjärden. Thereafter, Helena will continue the fraffic and depart from Holmön at 11:15.
All Saint's café in the church on Friday at 16. [Read more (in Swe)]
Cancelled tours again
This evening tours and the first tomorrow 1/11 are cancelled due to technical problems.
Capella in operation
Capella is now back in traffic.
Extra tour
Due to delays, the ferry will run an extra tour during the late morning. Capella will be replaced by Helena for the time beeing.
More cancelled tours
The afternoon tours are also cancelled due to the weather.
Cancelled ferry tours
This morning tours with the ferry at 10 from Norrfjärden and 11 from Holmön are cancelled due to the weather.
Info from KOM-group
Read more at KOM-group webpage (in Swe)
Capella back
Now Capella is back in traffic.
New manager
Erik Froste will be new manager of Färjerederiet from 15 November after Anders Werner, who goes on to a new position as shipping strategist. He has a background Captain, with long experience as manager in harbour and shipping business.
New info about Capella
More delays. Now is the infro that Capella might come back on Wednesday 18 oktober.
Info from Vakin
Due to maintenace work, the water supply will be closed on Holmön on Wednesday 18/10 between 8.00 - 17.00. Since the supply will be closed only during limited time, we urge you to pour up adequate amout of water for the day in advance.
More news about Capella
New delays have occured and todays info is that Capella will be back on Sunday 15 October.
Cancelled ferry tours
The ferry tours this morning are cancelled due to the weather.
Winter road maintenance
Lars Berglund will do the winter road maintenance from this winter. If you like you have your entrance rod cleared from snow, read lars offer (in Swe).
News about Capella
The news today is that Capella will be back on 12 October.
The ferry in operation
The ferry has been repaired and departed from Norrfjärden at 9.10 and will run an extra tour from Holmön at 10. Then on schedule this afternoon.
Cancelled ferry tour
First morning tour 9/10 with the ferry is cancelled due to technical problems. Maybe there can be later tours.
Junk car campaign
During October month HUF is making an effort to get rid of junk cars from Holmön, mainly the car left on the common parking lot by the shop. If you have a car at home you want to get rid off there is a possiblity now. Read more (in Swe)
Latest news about Capella
Preliminary Capella will be back on 11 October.
Reminder of work day in the marina
Tomorrow, Saturday, there is a work day in the marina. Assemble at 10.00 by the workshop in Byviken. Read more on the Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).
The shop has new busniess hours
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)
Färjerederiet announces that the maintenance of Capella has to be prolonged. Now Capella is expected to be back on 9 or 10 October.
Saturday 30 September at 17.00 in Holmöns church. Thoughts and songs - Consert with Morö Backe choir from Skellefteå.
Info about fund-raising to World children
Deposit 2531 kr
Old money 400 kr
Sum 2931 kr
Moose party
Raffle 1000 kr
Sale 3148 kr
Sum 4148 kr
As total Holmön has donated 7079 kr to World Children.
Great Thank You to all that have contributed. We can when we want Holmön!
Info from Hamnföreningen (Marina Association)
Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).
BOOK release on Holmön
Göran Burén talk about his new book. Singing and music. We offer refreshments. Saturday 30 September at 19 in Olle and Karins home / Holmö Byaväg 81. Notify your attendance to Karin 070-5700391.
Reminder of HUFs annual meeting
HUF hold annual meeting on Sunday.
Reminder about the moose party
On Saturday, there is the moose party.
Announcement from the host
Rössgrundbastun is fully booked this coming weekend.
HUF Annual Meeting
HUF holds Annual Meeting on 24 September at 14.00 in Holmögården.
Election to the Church Council
Read more on how to vote in the election (info in Swe).
Info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Moose party
The moose hunting team arranges, together with Novas Inn, on Saturday 16 September at 19.00 a moose party. Moose meat soup and nice get-together. At cost price, kids up to 12 free. Sign up on list at the shop.
Reminder of fermented herring (surströmming)
The Folklore Association arranges a party with fermented herring (surströmming) on 26 August. Last day to sign up is today. List is available at the shop. Read more (in Swe).
The shop has new busniess hours from today
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)
Reminder of mushroom excursion
On 20 August there will be a mushroom excursion on Holmön. Today is last day to sign up.
Read more (in Swe)
Found key
This key was found in Vintervägskroken. On the tag there is a three digit number written in black. Is there anyone that recognize this key? It can now be collected at Jongården (, 070-6636706.

Info from the KOM-group
Read more at the KOM-group webpage (in Swe).
Vehicles now allowed on the ferry
The Färjerederiet announces that vehicles are now allowed again on the ferry.
No vehicles on the ferry
The Färjerederiet announces that under current weather conditions no vehicles will be allowed on the ferry.
Program for the Holmö week
Now there is an updated program for the Holmön week. [Läs mer (in Swe)]
ÅVG will be open on Saturday
Holmöns ÅVG will be open on Saturday 22 July with a temporay extra staff.
ÅVG closed on Saturday
Holmöns ÅVG is closed on Saturday 22 July due to illness.
Call to annual meeting
Holmöns Såg- och Kvarnförening (Saw and Mill association) call to annual meeting on Sunday 13 August at 11 in the bnoat museeum.
Call to Annual Meeting
Holmöns Älgjaktlag (Moose hunting team) calls to annual meeting on Sunday 6 August at 12 by the slaughter house.
Mini museum
As some may have observed, there is a mini museeum over the fish factory. It is located in the shed for the now closed emergency telephone down by the turning place at roads end. In the museeum, there is now also a 40-page kompendium with historical fact about fishing, the fish factory and seal catching. Feel free ti visit the museeum and read in the kompendium.
Reminder of annual meeting
The Harbour Association (Hamnföreningen) holds its Annual Meeting tomorrow Saturday at 10 in the Boat museum.
Portal running again
Holmö Portal has been down for some days due to a technical problem. This has now been attended and the portal is now in operation.
New lodging on Holmön
It is now possible to rent room at Kaplangården. [Read more]
Members and non-members, it is time for HUF:s annual Forum meeting with BBQ-dinner
Wednesday 19 July at 18.30 at the Boat museeum
Short information about HUF:s work
  - New from the Boat museeum
  - Water issue - wht has happened
  - Fishing hut project
- Heart defibrillator
  - New website
fter the meeting there will be a BBQ-buffet, 120 SEK for adults and 60 SEK for children (under 15 years). Drinks can be purchased to budget price. Sign up for food on the list at the shop, at the latest on Monday 17 July.
We welcome all
Holmön Development Forum, the board
Changed open hours at ÅVG
On Saturday 8 July there will be changed open hours to 9.00 - 12.00 due to the summer theatre.


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