Second half year 2016
in reverse chronological order

Info from the Communication group (KOM-gruppen)
Reply on proposal to Färjerederiet.
Read more at KOM-gruppens webpage (in Swe).
Extra open at ÅVG
On Boxingday, there will a an extra open time at ÅVG during 10-12. 
Reminder from the Church
This Christmas there will be morning service on Christmas Day and normal service at 11 on Boxingday. Read more in Kalendariet (in Swe).
Info from Holmöns Lanthandel (Shop)
Christmas letter with times for order alcoholic beverages.
Read more at the shop webpage (in Swe).
Extra tour with the ferry
On Saturday 10 December there will be an extra tour from Norrfjärden at 13.00 and from Byviken at 15.00.
Info from the Garage Association
Meter reading. Read more at the Garage Association webpage (in Swe).
Reminder of Gammlia Christmas Market
This weekend 3-4 December at 11-16 there will be a Christmas Market at Gammlia in Umeå. Holmön will be represented with information about Holmön and sale of Holmö products.
Change of ferry
To morrow moring Wednesday 30/11, theren will a a change of ferry from the 9-tour from Holmön. The exchange may casue a slight delay of the 9-tour.
Cancelled tours
The ferry tours at 16 from Norrfjärden and 17 from Byviken are cancelled. Most likekely, the 18- and 19 tours will be cancelled. The cause for cancellation is the hard N-wind.
Extra tour and change of boat
An extra tour with the ferry will depart today at 13:00 for change of boat to Helena Elisabeth that will depart from Byviken at 14:15. The cause of change is the predicted hard wind expected from this evening and tomorrow.
Chaged activity
The "Village prayer" on 27/11 has been changed to Advent sevice.
Read more in the Calendar (in Swe).
New Skärgårdsbryggan
Now is the new portal Skärgårdsbryggan in operation since a while. New modern design. The archive has not been transfered yet but it will come shortly. Look at Bryggan, there are many new about our archipelagoes. Go to Skärgårdsbryggan (in Swe).
More info from Novas Inn
Christmas show at Novas Inn. [Read more (in Swe)]

Info from Novas Inn
Daddys Day dinner at Novas Inn. [Read more (in Swe)]

Traffic resumed again
After cancelled tours yseterday evening, the traffic has been resumed with the 6-tour from Norrfjärden.
Ferry in operation again
The traffic was resumed with the 8-tour from Norrfjärden and 9-tour from Holmön. Supply and mail were delivered to the shop and about ten passengers took the opportunity to go to the mainland.
Recycling station on Saturdag
The Recycling station will be open on Saturday with limited accessability due to the snow. There will be no snow clearing within the premises.
More cancelled tours
The afternnoon tours today have also been cancelled due to the weather. New information is expected early tomorrow morning.
Cancelled tours
The morning tours this morning was cancelled due to the weather, but the ferry operates on schedule again this afternoon.
Lake-effect snow over Holmön

In the current NE wind, Holmön has got lake-effect snowfall giving about 50 cm snow the past days.
Cancelled tour
The late morning tour this morning was cancelled due to the weather, but the ferry is on schedule again now.
Info from Novas Inn
NEW OPEN HOURS! From tomorrow Saturday, we have new open hours in the restaurant. Saturdays open 17-20 for both ā la carte and Pizza and Sundays open 11-20, ā la carte and after 16 also Pizza. It is also possible to buy Takeaway Pizza.

Info from the Communication group (KOM-gruppen)
Proposal to Färjerederiet.
Read more at KOM-gruppens webpage (in Swe).
Info from Holmöns Byamän och Samfällighetsförening (Holmösn Commonage)
Report from the working group for Jäbäck. Read more at webpage (in Swe).
Info from Holmöns Shop
New business hours. Read more at the Shop webpage (in Swe).
Info from Novas Inn
Nova Inn offers Christmas buffet [Read more (in Swe)]
Info from the Communication group (KOM-gruppen)
Capella will be taken out of traffic on 7/11 and be back 10/11.
Read more at KOM-gruppens webpage (in Swe).
Info from Novas Inn
From Sunday 23/10 the breakfast will be extended. Beside English breakfast, there will be new baked baguettes with coffee, tea, chocolate as well as omelettes. Chose between ham, mushrooms or schrimp stew. There will also be a Café. Todays meal will be fried salted ham with onion sauce and potatoes and be served between 11-14. Open as usually 9-20.
Info from Holmöns Byamän och Samfällighetsförening (Holmösn Commonage)
Invitation of tenders. Read more at webpage (in Swe).
Info from Holmöns Byamän och Samfällighetsförening (Holmösn Commonage)
Renovation of common ditches is planned. Read more at webpage (in Swe).
Moose hunting
There will be moose hunting on HOlmön during week 41
Open the whole week
Novas Inn will be open the whole moose hunting week [Read more (in Swe)].
Info from Holmö Summer theater
This summer performance will be shown in Sävar.
Read more at Holmö Summer theater webpage (in Swe).
Info from Hamnföreningen
Remider of work day on Saturday. Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).
Info from Holmöns Shop
Reminder of work days, the first on Saturday. Read more at the Shop webpage (in Swe).
New webpage on Holmön Portal
Now Holmöns Byamän och Samfällighetsförening has a webpage with information oo the board and workgroups as well as news. Now there are information about a petion to Länsstyrelsen and information about the law suit against the association. [Read more (in Swe)]
Cancelled ferry tours
The ferry tours this morning have been cancelled due to hard weather.
Info from the Harbour Association (Hamnföreningen)
Inarguaration of the bicycle store. Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe)]
All neddle trees along the border to
Holmö Byaväg and the road up to Holmögården shall be gone! Leave trees shall be left.
Thoose who cut down the trees and take the brusch to the Walpurgis fire place may keep the wood as remuneration. Roots may be left.
The work has to be done as soon as possible, preferably before October.
First i place will get the task
! Call Ulla Löfgren, 070-210 06 07.
SRF meeting
SRF (National Association for the Swedish Archipellago) will hold working group meetings on Vinön in lake Hjälmaren during 30/9 - 2/10. Four delegates from Holmön will participate.
Extra tour with the ferry
Today there will be an extra tour with the ferry departing Norrfjärden at 10.30 and Byviken at 11.30.
Open on Sunday
On Sunday Panget (Novas Inn) will be open with breakfast, lunch and dinner same as last Sunday.
Call to annual meeting
HUF holds its Annual Meeting on 17 September at 14.00 in Holmögården. At the meeting, the board will suggest some changes in the statues. Current statutes and the proposed changes are enclosed with the call. [Read the call with agenda (in Swe)] [Read the statue appendix (in Swe]
No car inspection on Holmön
The communication group has now investigated if other companies would come out to Holmöns for car inspections. It is, however, not possible since Transportstyrelsen has changed the regulation so it is not possible to give approvals to make external inspections on islands.
Holmöns Marsh fields
During the summer there has been a discussion about marsh fields on Holmön. Swedish Våtmarksfonden approved during the spring a grant to invetigate the possibility to make marsh fields on Holmöns. The investigation was carried out by Enetjäns Natur and show good possibilities. A suggestion to project plan has been made and will now be discussed with land owners, islanders and other interested. Read the whole presentation of the project [PDF 9MB (in Swe)]. All comments and suggestion are welcome.
Novas Inn
On Sunday Novas Inn opens at 9.00 with English breakfast followed by lunch and then a'la carte dinner. [Read more (in Swe)]
Winter schedule
Today the winter schedule with the ferry and bus begins.
Info from Holmöns Shop
New business hours from today. read more at the shop website (in Swe).
Someone has forgotten their keys on the ferry in late July. The keys are available from the captain.
Panget opens
The new owners will open Panget, which they call Novas Inn, on Saturday 20 August. They offert free smörgåstårta. [Read more (in Swe)]
Change of ferry
From the 12.10-tour today Helea Elisabeth will start to operate on Holmön track. Helena will maintain the traffic as long as the strong notherly wind persists.
Theme church service - Song we remember in Holmöns church on Sunday 21/8 at 11.00. There will be a luncheon at Vicars house after the service. Sign up at the shop. [Read more (in Swe)]
Wire back
The wire has been found.
Missing wire
Umeå Energi is missing 100 m of a wire with green plastic sheeting. If anyone know anything please contact Project leader Jonas Strömdahl 090-160334.
Info from the Moose Hunting Team
Annual meeting on 21 August at 11.00 in the Slaughter House.
No updates on Holmö Portal
At the thunderstorm and power failures in the beginning of last week the intenet at Jongården has been out of order and no updates have been possible until today when it is in operation again.
Info from Holmön Shop
Open hours during the Song Festival. Read more at the shop websida (in Swe).
No car inspection on Holmön this year
The Car Inspection will not come to Holmön for inspection of cars this year. 
New item in the program during the Holmö week
On Saturday 23/7 there will be a music event in the Boat museum at 15.00. Karin Green from Mora plays and sing with Båtkapellet.
Program for the Holmön Week is updated
Read more at Holmö Week website (in Swe).
Reminder of HUF BBQ-evening
On Tuseday 19 July HUF will arrange the annual BBQ-evening with information. Start at 18.30 by the Boat Museum.
Info about the Holmön Week
Now there is info about this year Holmö Week. Read more at Holmö Week website (in Swe).
Info from Panget
This evening Friday Roaring Forties will enetrtain from kl 20.00.
On Saturday at 13.00 Blue Roses will entertain and on Saturday evening at 20.00 Roaring Forties will entertain.
Mail rowing mini
Holmöns two boats made a short tour sailing and rowing around Sköthällan before noon i the gustly wind between the rain showers. Beside we see Lommen and Falken during rigging. Below is Falken with full sails and a close-up in full speed. Below to the right is Lommen being sailed and rowed.
Information about the reindeers
The Same reindeer owners have left a document with information about the reindeers on Holmön. Read the document (in Swe).
Holmönytt (Holmö news) and info about drinking water
This summer issue of Holmönytt (Holmön News) can now be read (only i Swe) [PDF (2 MB)]
Also read information about the drinking water situation on Holmön [PDF]
Info from the Habrour Association (Hamnföreningen)
Call to Annual Meeting. Read more at Hamnföreningens webpage (in Swe).
Mail rowing cancelled
This year mail rowing has been cacelled for security reason. The weather forecast predict south wind 8-12 m/s. On the Finish side the market day in Svedjehamn on Saturday will be as usualand also the dacing at Salteriet in the evening. There will also be a shorter rowing in Svedjehamn during the day. Also the two boats on Holmön (might do a short tour in Byviken.

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