First half year 2012 in revers order

Mail rowing cancelled
The weather forecast talks shows 10-12 m/s S wind, i.e., strong wind against the rowing direction. With such weather it is not possible to row in a safe and secure way. Therefore, tonight it was decided to cancel the event.  
Sanna leaves
Färjerederiet has decided that Sanna no longer should be at Holmöleden. When todays (Thursday) tours are completed Sanna will leave Holmön. The decision has been made without notice or considering that there are bookings most of the summer.

There is a waitning need for transports to and from Holmön after the abscens of the ferry. The few tours carried out by Sanna has not fulfill this need. The decition is therefore incomprehensible since Trafikverket and Färjerderiet in no way have fulfilled their obligation since the transport capacity has not even been up to what the ferry could have done. 

All that have booked time on Sanna next week nad later on this summer are encouraged to contact Trafikverket and Färjerederiet to question how booked transport will not be fulfilled.
Disturbances this weekend
The last tour with Öfararen on Midsummer Day evening had to be cancelled due to engine problems. The sixteen remaining passengers got transport with other boats. On Sunday morning, the problem was solved and the traffice could be resumed.
Mail rowing 2012 - accomodation Friday 29 June 
Can you accomodate a mailrowing team in your home? This year the star is on Saturdat 30 June from Holmön.
We lack accomodation for some teams this year and hope that some more can accomodate a team. It is simple accomodation on the floor and we can supply you wiyth matresses.
We also need some volunteers that can help to distribute matresses on Friday and collcet them on Saturday as well as to clean at Holmögården and >Prästgården on Saturday.

Hör av er till Lena Egnell 070-6274974 så snart ni kan. 
Tack på förhand!

New info regarding the ferry
More difficulties have emerged and the ferry is not ready yet. Todays message is that the ferry can, at the earliest, be back in traffic in the middle of next week.

Recycling station opens
Read more about opening hours (in Swe)

Panget opens to Midsummer
Panget starts the summer with a Midsummer Eve event
15:00 - 16:00 Entertainment by Rulle Lindberg
From 18:00 Midsummer supe’ 3 courses
Price 325
SEK for this menu:
Entré: Matjessilltårta (Marinated herring tarte) 
Main course:
Beef with chantarelle sauce or Holmö white fish with dill stueved potaoes
Panacotta with berries
After 22:00 Frida Selander will performe
Reprise on Midsummer day
[Read more (in Swe)]

The shop informs
Summer business times.
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)  


Sanna och Färjan
From next week (week 25) Sanna will, for the time being, run two tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays if there are bookings and the weather conditions allow.
From Holmön 7:30
From Norrfjärden 9:00
From Holmön 14:30
From Norrfjärden 16:00

Observe that Sanna only runs up to a wind of max 7 m/s.

This means that you should check the weather forecast before booking with Olle Nygren 070 6636706.

All viehcles should be backed on board to be able to dive off.  

Latest notice about the ferry is that it is expected to be back in traffic on Thursday 21 June.


New information about Sanna
Sanna will be based on Holmön and go between Holmön and Norrfjärden since it was found out that the ferry can dock with the ramp in Norrfjärden. There will be some maintenace on Monday 11 June and not transports that day. The first transport will be on Tuesday 12 June at ca 7.30 from Holmön and ca 8.30 from Norrfjärden. On  Thursday 14 Juni there will only be UMEVAs garbage transports. Those of you who have old unusable cars on Holmön has a fair chance to transport these cars back to the mainland..

The ferry even more delayed
New information from Färjerederiet is that the ferry will be even more delayed and the new preliminary time is 19-20 June.

The IS-group informs
Read more at the IS-group website (in Swe) 


Island Race 4 August – now for all! 
The Island race is back this year, the fourth time. New this year is that all are welcome, youg or old, man or woman! Walk - jogg - run. No time keeping. 
This year race starts down on the jetty in Byviken and goes by the church, old shop, with liquid station, and back to Byviken along Bergudden Road and Field Road (Åkervägen).
We start at noon handing out number banners and taking up the start fee of 100 SEK cash.  After that a short warm up before the start. 
After finish there will be refreshments at Panget and fine prices will be raffled on the number banner.
Sign up at lists at the shop during July. 
If you wont be on Holmön in July, call or SMS to Anna-Lena or Clarissa. We will sign you up. All excess will be given to the shop and will be reported here on the  Holmö Portal.
Questions? Call
Anna-Lena 070-6238268 or Clarissa 070-2799757.
Hope to see you!


Harbour Association informs
Summer work for youngsters as Harbour Host
Read more at Harour Association webpage (in Swe)


The shop informs
Summer work on Holmön for youngster.
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)  


Unused cars on Holmön
Now when the transports with Sanna begins, HUF encourage all car owners that have cars that are not used to take the opportunity to get those cars transported to the main land.

More info about Sanna
Preliminary, Sanna will begin the transports of garbage containers on Thursday 7 June. On Monday 11 June, preliminary, other transports can begin. Sanna can take 123 passagers and 14 cars on the two 35 m long lanes, i.e., totally 75 length meters. Sanna will run 1 return tour each weekday. The ferry make 8 knots and the distance between Holmsund and Byviken will take about 3 hours.
Read "Vi skärgårdsbor"
The monthly magasine from SRF (in Swe) [PDF]

Reminder of work day in the harbour
The harbour association reminds of the work day on coming Saturday.
The board
Road ferry Sanna comes to Holmön for heavier transports
The State Road Board raod ferry Sanna comes to Holmön for heavy transports. Sannan   has two lanes of 35 m, i.e., a totalt of 70 length meter and can load ca 100 tonnes. the ferry will go one return trip a day between Holmsund and Holmön from the end of next week. First, garbage conatiners will be transported. Then there will be possibilities for other transports. Information regrading when other transports can begin will come shortly. Bookning of place on Sanna can be made to Olle Nygren, phone 070-6636706 alt e-mail    


Information regarding the mail rowing event
Read more at the Mail rowing Association website (in Swe).  


Reminder of National Day Cleaning
Do not forget that it is a work day at Holmögården at 6 June
. There will be some lunch as usual. Many hand are needed for, e.g.,

-         Monting a new pin board

-         General cleaning and window washing

-         Monting of a "kitchen island"

-         Moving fridge and frezzer

... and much more. Welcome to a nice day.
The board
Sea-Jazz 2012
Now, the program for this summer Sea-Jazz 10-12 August is ready [Read more]
Sea-Jazz also has a new owb website


Ferry even more delayed
The renovation has taken more time than expected and the ferry is now expected o be back 11 June.

The shop informs
Annual meeting 16 June at 13.00 in Holmöns School
Information letter
Times for ordering alcoholic beverages
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)  


Car inspection on Holmön
The Car Inspection will come to Holmön this year too. Now with correct telephone numbers. 
[Read more (in Swe)

The shop informs
Read more at the shop website (in Swe)  


Info regarding the recycling station
The recycling station will not open until the ferry returns. There is a limited number of garbage containers and theseprioritized cannot be emptied until the ferry returns. This means that handling household garbage must have priority.
The IS-group informs
Read more at the IS-group website (in Swe) 


Car inspection on Holmön
The Car Inspection will come to Holmön this year too. 

Ferry delayed
The ferry is now expected not to be back until the beginning of June due to the need for a more thorough renovation of the engines.

Remider of work day
HAEF calls for a second work dag at the new shop on Saturday May 19 from 13 - 15. Refreschments will be served.

Ferry resumed
The wind has decresead and the ferry traffic was resumed this morning.  

PA Rydelius (member of Robertsgården) announces:
Profesor emeritus in Psycology at Göteborgs University Ingvar Lundberg, earlier active in Umeå and with a summer place on Holmön (just south of Bergudden lighthouse neigthbour to Brigitta Fritzdotter), has suddenly deceased at an age of 77 years. He was active in reseach on language development, reading, dyslexia and mathematic shortcomings for more than 40 years. Ingvar Lundberg also published a vast number of scientific papers and books on this issue. He was frequently engaged as lecturer and was fellow in a number of reputed societies. Among his awards could be mentioned that he was honorary doctor at Åbo Akademy and has been onored the King medal in eight degree of the Serafimer Orden band for his ackompishments regadring dyslexia. The funeral will be in the Vasakyrkan in Göteborg at 28 May at 14.00.

Ferry cancelled
Due to hard wind, the late ferry tours today are cancelled.  

Remider of work day
HAEF calls for a work dag at the new shop on Saturday May 5. Starting at 13.00.

Ferry to shipyard
Today the ferry left for maintenace at the shipyard. Öfararen will keep up the trafic meanwhile. When the ferry comes back i late May, Öfararen will be here as extra boat for the summer. This means that there will be limited possibillity for cargo transports.

Remider of Walpurgis celebration
There will be a Walpurgis fire in Byviken on the sand below Strandberget, i.e., the same place as last year.

Harbour Association informs
Read more at Harour Association webpage (in Swe)

Summer theater
This summer there will be a theater performance on Holmön. A newly written play from Holmön in historic time will be performed at Holmögårdens scene on 13-15 juli [Read more (in Swe)]

Ice Report closed for this season
[Läs mer]

Ferry to shipyard
Wednesday the second May, the ferry will depart to Tärnö Shipyard in Vaxholm. There will not be new engines, but a large renovation of the old ones and general maintenance. The ferry is expected to be back 20-22 May. In the mean time Öfararen will carry out the traffic. Any one who plans for heavy transports ought do do these before 2 May or after 22 May.

Easter luncheon
The Easter Luncheon will be somewhere in Byviken. The winds will decide where we will be. You will not miss where. The buffé table can be filled between 12.00 and 13.00 and the meal starts at 13.00.
The shop informs
Business times during Easter. Read more at the shop website  


Reminder of member meeting
The Folklore Association (Hembygdsföreningen) arranges a member meeting tomorrow Tuesday 27 March at 19.00 in the common premises at Älvans väg 158 on Tomtebo. Read more in the member letter (in Swe). [See medlemsbrevet

Old harbour dunny is for sale
The Harbour Association is selling the old dunny in Byviken (west side) for 2000 kr or higest bid.  More information on the Harbour Assoociation webpage (in Swe)

The shop informs
Ad for summer staff. Read more at the shop website  


Fine visit in Byviken
The ice breaker Ale made a detour into Byviken this morning and broke up some of the remaining ice.


Ferry traffic resumed
From this afternoon with start at 15.30 from Norrfjärden the ferry runs on schedule.

Problems with the ferry
Due to technical problems, all ferry tours with the Holmön ferry are cancelled for the time being. There is, presently, no prognosis for when the ferry traffic can be resumed. Tomorrow morning there will be helicopter. Book with Peter Tornberg, 070-6908503.  

12-03-08 evening

Ferry cancelled
Due to technical problems, the late ferry tours today at 17.30 from Norrfjärden and at 18.30 from Holmön are cancelled.  

12-03-08 afternoon

The closure of West Kvarken is lifted
Since the ice conditions has developed to almost no fixed ice in West Kvarken, the County Administration (Länsstyrelsen) has lifted the closure for shipping in north-south direction that was enforced earlier this winter to make i possible to open a snowmobile track over the ice. Snowmobilers that drive on the ice are warned that shipping and ice breaking now can occur. 
Kick-sledge competition
This year kick-sledge competition gathered 32 participants. The particpants went the approx 3 km longa track with rewarding stop for drinks after half distance at the foot of the fearful  Lundströms up-hill that has ruined many ambitius kick-sledgers.
See video clip from the start and from the drink station
After finish at the school all particpants were offered cream buns and refreshments and raffles.  Once again we wish to thank our lovely ladies in the Holmön Red Cross for an, as always, fabulus event.
Morning ferry delayed
Due to a broken pipe, the first morning tour today Saturday 3/3 from Holmön became delayed as well as the second tour from Norrfjärden and Holmön.
Morning ferry departs earlier
The first morning tour today Monday 27/2 from Norrfjärden departs 5.30 instead of 6.00. All other tours on schedule.

Ferry traffic resumed
The Helicopter tours this morning went as planned and at 11.00 the ferry ran an extra tour from Holmön. From this afternoon with start at 15.30 from Norrfjärden the ferry runs on schedule.

The ferry is still cancelled - helicopter tomorrow morning
The repair work with the ferry is finshed but outside of Bviken there is compact pack ice with ridges and hummocked ice and stop the ferry from reaching the harbour. There has, therefore, not been any ferry tours this afternoon. It has not been possible to get any icebreaker assistance during the evening. Tomorrow there will be helicopter transports after daybreak. Booking with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908503. It is, however, unclear if there will be any helicopter flights in the afternoon due to the forcast showing snowfall and strong winds. It is also unclear when the ferry will be able to pass the ice walls and resume the traffic.    

Ferry still cancelled
Due to renovation work, the ferry will preliminary be cancelled untill the afternoon tours on Tuesday 21/2. More information will follow during Tuseday.

Information regarding the ferry 
During Monday, technicians from Scania have work with renovation of the engines. It is expected that the work can be finished at the earliest at 19.00 this evening. After that some tests is necessary and if everything turns out well there might be an extra tour later this evening. Information regarding this will come with SMS via TIC for those who subscribe to that service. Moreover, there are no helicopters available in north Norrland before next week.

SRFs Newsletter
National Association for Swedish Archipelago newsletter is here [Read the letter]
The latest issue of SRFs member journal is available [Read the issue]


Ferry cancelled
Due to the current ice conditions and the forecast with hard winds, the ferry is cancelled for the time being.

Ferry in operation again
The ferry has now worked it way through the ice taking most of the day. The ferry departed at 19.00 from Holmön and will depart from Norrfjärden at about 20.30.

Update regarding the ferry
The ferry has worked it way through the ice during most of the day and has come a little bit more than half the way. It is many rough ice walls to pass. Southwards there are some aeras with open water but it is compact ice along the ferry route. There will be no ferry tour at 15.30 from Norrfjärden. If they manage to reach Holmön there will be a tour late this evening. Information regarding this will come as an SMS via the TIC for those who subscribe to that service.

Ferry still cancelled
There are no ferry tours this morning.

Ferry turns back and are cancelled
During the first afternoon tour today, the ferry got stuck in the ice and had to turn back. The remaining tours today are cancelled. A new attempt will be made tomorrow when the wind has calmed down.

Continued earlier departure times with the ferry
On Tuesday 14/2, the first morning tour from Norrfjärden will depart at 5.30 and the first tour from Holmön will depart 6.45. All other tours on schedule.

The shop informs
Read more at the shop website  


Changed departure times with the ferry
Next week from Monday, the first morning tour from Holmön will depart earlier to keep the arrival time due for the school bus. The departure time will be decided day for day depending on the ice situation. On Monday 13/2, the first morning tour from Norrfjärden will depart at 5.30 and the first tour from Holmön will depart 6.45. All other tours on schedule.

Changed departure times with the ferry
The morning tour from Norrfjärden 9/2 and 10/2 at 6.00 departs earlier at 5.30. All other tours on schedule.
Changed departure time with the ferry
The morning tour from Norrfjärden 8/2 at 6.00 departs earlier at 5.30. All other tours on schedule.
Ferry repaired
The broken exhaust system to one of the engines has now been repaired. There has been a successful test drive with breaking a new channel in the ice to the green buoy. The regular afternoon tours are cancelled but there will be an extra tour from Norrfjärden at 19.00 and not earlier than 21.00 from Holmön. If that tour is successful, the traffic will be resumed tomorrow morning, possilbly with an earlier departure of the first tour from Norrfjärden. There will be SMS messages from TIC to announce any changed depature times.

Ferry cancelled
During the afternoon tours one engine on the ferry had a malfunction and the last evening tour was running with one engine. The tours tomorrow morning are therefore cancelled.

The IS-group informs
Read more at the IS-group website (in Swe) 


Kvarken closed
The County Administration (Länsstyrelsen) announces that from Monday 6 February, West Kvarken is closed for sea traffic in north-south direction.
Ferry late
Tonights coldness and the rapid ice growth now cause delays for the ferry. The morning tour from Norrfjärden at 6.00 was delayed with 30 min and arrived about 7.15. The remaining tours today are expected to take about 60 min. 

The ice grows rapidly
Now all of the Bothnic Gulf and North Kvarken is covered with new level ice.
[Read more]

The Ice Report starts for the season
[Read more]
Umeå Energi informerar
Planerat strömavbrott på Holmön för byte av två frånskiljare mellan 12,00-15,00 torsdagen den 12/1. Ledningarna skall betraktas som strömförande under avbrottet.


The IS-group informs
Read more at the IS-group website (in Swe) 


The IS-group informs
Read more at the IS-group website (in Swe) 


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