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First half year 2005

Midsummer celebration

Lots of people had joined in at Holmögården to socialize and raise the midsummer pole.

Both children and adults took the chance to dance around the pole to Rulle Lindbergs accordion music
See a short video from the dance Videoclip (1.7 MB)
More info on Holmöjazzen
Now there is more information regarding Holmöjazzen (in Swe).
Meeting on Ulvön
last week there was a meeting on Ulvön with representatives for authorities and organisations with interest in communication in the archipelago. It was reported that a proposition is being prepared on this issue. In the suggested proposition, the ferry line to Holmön among others, are suggested to be decided separately.
When the ferry had a break down last week it was the Sea Rescue that took care of passenger transport and no other. 
Ferry repaired 
The ferry is repaired and back in business again. 
Ferry breakdown
The Holmö ferry had a breakdown and today, Monday, the Sea Rescue was maintaining the passenger transport. 
This text has been corrected 050530    
Campaign to collect agricultural garbage
The Håll Sverige Rent campaign will collect agricultural garbage, i.e. old plows, harrows, vagons, old engines (without oil) e t c on Holmön. There will be a barge transport from Holmön free of charge. Note the stuff you want to get rid of on the list at the shop. ÅsaEngman, 090-55130, can give more information. Stop date is 5 June.
Bird inventory

During the periods 15-29 May and 12-23 June,  Kvarken Miljö project plans to perform a series of bird inventories on some of the Valsörarna and Holmön archipelagos. The inventories are estimated to 2-3 days in each area and period. Weather and wind will decide the exact time. The aim is to test and compare Swedish and Finish inventory methods and suggest the best method for a regional follow-up inventory. [Read more (in Swe)]

Pictures from Valpurgis eve
Here are some pictures from Valpurgis 2005. Unusually many had come down to a cold and windy Byviken. The socializing was intense.

Photo D Jensen P Grubbström

A large number of peapole gathered in a windy Byviken by the fires. The material had been divided to two small fires due to the wind. Bosse Lundberg played the harmonica and many songs were sung. Sausages were grilled and hot drinks warmed in the chilly evening.


Valpurgis evening fire will be in Byviken down on the beach. The fire will start about 20.00. All are welcome. If you have, bring a singing leaflet and something warm to drink.
New design at Holmö web site
Holmö website has now been revised. A new font that is easier to read. Older material that is wrong today has been removed
New web pages for the shop
The web pages for the shop has been updated. HAEF and the shop are now linked together and there is a link from the start page of Holmö website. The schedule for members work and descriptions of the work tasks can now be found. Tou can also book timne for your work by e-mail. [Read more (in Swe)].
Full on the web
It is now so much material on the Holmön site that it is necessary to remove older material. For this reason, the presentation of Holmön by the school kids from 1999 has been removed. Several facts in that presentation were out of date and therefore incorrect. 
First visitors

Some tough Finish visitors came with boat from Molpe yesterday in the afternoon. It can possibly be seal hunters.
Easter party
Here are some pictures from the Easter party
All are gathered in Nymanskroken.   The Egnells had chairs and used the sledge as table.
On the buffé table there were lots of food.
Videoclip 1 (2 MB)
Per Lindström was there A video clip
Summer work for kids 
Are you born 1988? You then have the chance to get 3 weeks summer work at Holmöns Båtmuseum and/or as crewman on Slupen.
Contact Umeå kommun, Pia Johansson, 090-161000. Or  directly at the website www.umea.se. Not later than Friday 8 April. If you have questions contact Karin Lundemark, 090-120955.
Wrong in the radio
This morning the local radio reported wrongly that the ferry was cancelled this morning. The ferry is now in Norrfjärden and will return on schedule. The tour takes less than an hour.
Ferry returns 
This morning Lapplandsflyg was flying the transports between Holmön and the mainland with helicopter. 

During the day the ferry started the return to Holmön after repair. The trip took longer time than expected and the ferry arrived to Holmön at 18:00 and began the tour to Norrfjärden about 2.5 h delayed. At 21:15 the ferry arrived to Norrfjärden about 4 h delayed. Eight passengers had spent four hours in the waiting lounge and had a pick-nick dinner together waiting for the ferry. The return trip with a up-broken track only took 1 h.   

Business hours at Easter
See the businesshours at the shop at Easter.
Helicopter this afternoon and tomorrow morning and ferry in the afternoon
There will be helicopter transport this afternoon at 16.40 from Norrfjärden and tomorrow morning at 7.30 from Vintervägskroken on Holmön and 7:45 from Norrfjärden. Book with Peter Tornberg, 070-6908503.

The ferry is expected to be back to the afternoon tour. If not, there will be helicopter transport in the afternoon too. Contact Peter for more information.

Ferry breakdown!  Breaking up a track in the ice!
Today, Sunday afternoon, on its way to Norrfjärden, the belt transmission on the ferry broke down and the ferry got stuck at the green buoy in Norrfjärden. Some passengers chose to walk on the ice and the sea rescue transported the rest with snowmobiles to the main land. 

Kronö is on its way through Västerkvarken in the track to assist the ferry to Holmsund for repair. If everything goes as expected, the ferry traffic will be possible to resume on Tuesday afternoon.

W arning! Warning! Warning! Warning!   
The track in north-south between Holmön and the main land that was broken last Tuesday will be broken up this evening and used during the coming week.

Ferry delayed
Drifting snow in the track delays the ferry.
A skier has disappeared on Holmön during yesterday. He came with the morning ferry and planned to ski back to Umeå across the ice to Täfteå. He might have tried to cross the track broken up by Kronö. Search after the man has been carried out through the day and will continue tomorrow.
Kronö breaks the ice
This afternoon, Kronö came up through Västerkvarken from Holmsund and broke up the track in order to facilitate for the ferry.
Semmel race
This years spark competition "Semmelloppet" (Semmel race) attracted 33 participants.  Lars Brakander came first at record time 9.20. Lars brother John came as runner up at the time 10.50 with Oscar Egnell at 11 min sharp as good second runner up.

Historical notes on the Spark competiton "Semmelloppet".
At the community merging in 1974 Holmöns Community merged into Umeå Communtiy, all citizens in the new community parts was treated with semlor on Easter Tuesday. Umeås Culture board continued this arrangement for some years and in co-work with  Skid- och friluftsfrämjandet arranged torch slalom in the different community parts. This as not possible on Holmön and the idea of a spark competition was born. The Red ´Cross took up the glove and have since 1985 kept this tradition alive. 

The largest number of participant so far was 50 competitors in 1996. That year 4 L of blueberry soup, 120 semlor, 20 L coffee were consumed and six lotteries with 100 lottery tickets were sold in favour of the Red Cross. 

John Brakander has the most first places on own power. He has been first three times. Three years, there was a girl that came first.  

Oldest participant so far is Karl-August Holmgren who in 2003 participated at an age of 79 years. The youngest participants so far is the twins Fanny and Nelly Nygren. They were 1 month old when they participated the first time in 2001. 

Spark competition "Semmelloppet" on Tuesday with start at the school. 
Ferry traffic resumed 
The ice conditions had improved todagy. The ice is still and the ice prressure has decresed. This morning, the ferry broke a track in the ice between Byviken and Norrfjärden. The traffic will be resumed on schedule from this afternoon. The travel time is estimated to about 1 hour. 

Ferry cancelled today too
The ferry had to abort the attempt to break the ice already after 400 m and return to Byviken. The prognosis for tomorrow say that the wind will decrease. The ice pressure will then decrease and a new attempt to break the ice might be possible.

So far, there are no decisions to use ice breaker assistance or other communication such as helicopter.

Ferry cancelled
The morning tour with the ferry retuned to Holmön just before 14.00. The afternoon tour is cancelled. A new attempt will be made tomorrow morning. 

See a videoclip from the moning tour (the file is 458 kB).

Winter holiday
The winter holiday week at school is closing up. It is 7-11 March this year. Don't forget the Spark race on Tuesday 8 March.
Ice report
The Ice report begins for the season.

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