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First half year 2003

New business hours 
Stora Lanthandeln changes the business hours for the summer from June 14. [Readmore ]
HUF makes inquiries regarding the ferry  time schedule
HUF:s communication group will meet representatives for the management at Vägverkets on 17 June for discussions regarding the time table e t c. As basis for that meeting the group would like to know how you would like to have the time table. Write down your wishes before 14 June and leave in HUF:s mailbox at the shop or send by e-mail to gunnar.backstrom@holmon.com.
Working day in Byviken
HUF called for a working day in Byviken at 22 May. A group of villagers responded and they worked with cutting down brushwood, taking up roots, filling soil and sawing grass. See pictures below.
Working day at the shop
A group of members of HAEF organised a working day at the shop. The yard and grass were raked and the brushwood was cut down to prepare for ditching to improve the drainage. Wood and scrub was burnt and other garbage was collected in a container.
Holmöns Rescue Crew practises
On Saturday 15 May, Holmöns Rescue Crew was practising with the fire fighting equipment. 
Up to left:  
The fire pumps are mounted with hoses.

Up to right: 
The water is flushing.

To left: 
Inside the fire station.

Radio on Holmön
Radio Västerbotten will come to Holmön on 2 June and send direct in P4 between 13-15. The plan is to report about the school, the wind mill, the hostel at Bergudden,  and the shop e t c. 

Rolf Sundström will lead the program and Peter Öberg will  be producer. Bo Andersin will manage the technicals.

If you would like to contact them please do so. AndersWikström, tel 090 17 17 84, will be the link.
Business hours
See businesshours at Stora Lanthandeln during Ascension and Pentecost weekends.
Working day
HUF calls for a working day in Byviken on May 22 at 10.00. More information is available at the shop.
Pictures from Walpurgis fire
See pictures from the fire at Walpurgis night. The photographs are takes by Gustaf Egnell.
Ice report ends
The ice report will end for this season on May 3.
The blue barrack is for sale
Postroddsföreningen announces that the blue barrack in Byviken is for sale. Readmore (in Swe).
Changed business hours
Stora Lanthandeln will be opened on Wednesday 28 April and be closed on Thursday 29 april. 
The post will be delivered as usual on Thursday 29 april.
Extra goods tours
The ferry staff announces that there will be two extra goods tours with the ferry this spring on 18 and 25 May. The tours will depart from Holmön at 10.00 and from Norrfjärden at 11.00.
Ferry running
An ice track has been broken up between Byviken and Norrfjärden and the ferry traffic will commence tomorrow morning. 
04-04-16 noon
Helicopter on Sunday and Monday!
Ferry on Tuesday?
It has now been decided that there will be hydrocopter transports on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon. On Sunday afternoon there will be helicopter transports with start at 15.00. There will also be helicopter transports on Monday morning and afternoon according to ordinary ferry schedule. Booking with Peter Tornberg, tel. 070-6908163, as usual. 

The ferry staff reports that the plan for Monday is to break a track in the ice in West Kvarken with assistance from Kronö.

04-04-1 6
Unsure with the traffic this weekend
Yesterday afternoon there was a small damage on the hydrocopter and the traffic was stopped for about an hour during repair.

It is very unsure with the traffic the coming weekend.  Booked tours today Friday afternoon will run as planned but it is not sure that there will be any tours on Saturday or Sunday. 

On Monday it has been decided to run helicopter transports morning and afternoon due to many commuters, e.g., school kids. 

Seal on the ice
A young seal was found on the ice along the snowmobile track last week. It passed at the same time as the snowmobile transport with school kids passed. they stopped and took this photograph with a mobile phone. 
Since Easter eve, the communication with the main land  has been maintained with the hydrocopter. 
Booking with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.  
Snowmobile track closed
The ice patrol announces that the snowmobile track has been closed for this season today. 
The traffic across Kvarken will be maintained with the hydrocopter until the ferry can return.
Easter party
The party on Easter Eve will take place in Nymanskroken this year too. The conditions on the ice is good. Table for food as well as BBQs will be on place at 13.00.
Over 300 shares
We have now togeter bought over 300 shares. 
HAEF has bought the shop
On 2 April Holmöaffären ekonomisk förening (HAEF) bought all shares in Holmöns Stora Landhandel AB from Staffan Lindkvist and Tora Nygren. Tora will continue to work in the shop as employed. [Read more. (in Swe)]

On Easter Eve we will offer coffee and cookies for free and give information about the shop. See businesshours during Easter. After Easter, businesshours there will be new businesshours introduced

Almost 300 shares in the shop
Now over 280 have paid for shares to the association. Exactly 286. We has not yet reach the magic level 300. Those who are willing to buy more shares are urged to do so.  [Läs mer]
Ferry ready
The ferry staff reports that the maintenance on the ferry now has been completed. The ferry is now ready to begin the traffic as soon as the ice breaks up.
The quay in Jebäck
Samfällighetsföreningen and Länsstyrelsen has in a  letter to Vägverket commented on that the big quay in Jebäck is in so bad condition that there is a risk for accidents Vägverket has now in a reply verified that the quay is in very poor condition and suggests that a new quay is built. This can be done as construction conservation project. Financial means will be available in 2005. Until then, the quay will be roped-off. 
HUF writes to Ulrika Messing
HUF has sent a letter to Ulrika Messing and asks that the issue of responsibility for the Holmön traffic shall be decided as soon as possibly, separately from the BREV commission, and that the State Road Board Shipping shall be exhorted to buy the military ferry Ring as a transportation resource for the Norrland coast. Readthe letter (in Swe).
Sea Rescue saved 
The Sea Rescue station in Holmsund will rwmain for the time being. When Gösta (Zacke) Zackrisson retired and the Military was going to take rent for the Stridsbåt 90 out on loan to SSRS, it was feared that the station in Holmsund should be closed. Now it is other sound in the bell. The Government has allowed continued loan of the boat and a new Rescue skipper has been recruited to the Holmsund station, Jörgen Berglund. Read more on SSRS Holmsunds own website.
Newly erected
Länsstyrelsen has began to build the new walking track along the east side of Ängesnön by erecting a haning bridge across Trångklinten.
Web problem
We have had operational problems with the website and no updates have been possible during week 11.
The Ferry
The Ferry captain announces that the ferry is currently undergoing an extended engine renovation. The work is expected to be finished in the end of next week. The ferry will stay in Holmsund for additional maintenance until the traffic can be resumed. 
04-03-02 em
Track opened
The snowmobile track was opened again at lunch time.
04-03-02 fm
Hard weather
The snowmobile track is temporarily closed this morning due to hard weather and the morning tour with the "the stagecoach" is postponed until lunch time.
Snowmobile track opened again
The ice patrol opened the snowmobile track again this morning. 
Snowmobile track closed tonight 
The ice patrol announces that the snowmobile track will be closed tonight due to hard wind and raising water level. The track will be opened tomorrow morning after control.  
Info about the shop
The board for Holmöaffären economical association announces that the formality now has been settled and the association has got its postal giro account. It is now possible to pay the shares. 
Snowmobile track opened again
The ice patrol announces that the snowmobile track is opened again. There has not been any significant movements in the ice during the night.
Snowmobile track closes temporarily
OBS! The ice patrol announces that the snowmobile track will be closed at dusk this afternoon

It is SW hard wind warning for tonight! Since a track in the ice has been broken northwards there is a risk that the ice breaks up. The snowmobile tack will therefore be closed tonight at dusk and be closed until the ice can be controlled in daylight tomorrow. 

The ferry to Holmsund
The ferry will depart to Holmsund for maintenance. Kronö will assist. A track in the ice will be broken up from Byviken and nothwards outside of Sköthällan, around Stora Fjäderägg and  southwards along east side of Holmöarna. Warning to everyone the travels on the ice in this area! 
Over 200 shares in Holmöaffären
Holmöaffären economical association has now been registerad in Patent and registreringsverket. The associations organisation number is 769610-4541.

The association now got postal giro: 109 36 19-3.

Everyone that signs up for share in the shop are urged to pay their shares before 1 March. 

Snowmobile track is opened
The snowmobile track has now been marked up. The work was finished on Saturday and the-

 track is now opened for public snowmobile traffic.

The ferry is cancelled for the season and the "diligence" do come-back
The ferry shipping announces that the ferry traffic is cancelled for the season. The ferry will be placed at the jetty in Byviken until spring.
Ultra will take the responsibility for the traffic as long as it is ice conditions. Peter will be driving with snow mobile and do come-back with the "diligence". Call Peter for information and reservations at 070-6908163.  
The Ice Patrol announces that their aim is to open the snow mobile track before the coming weekend.
The ferry is repaired
The ferry has been repaired during the day. It departed on schedule from Norrfjärden in the afternoon and arrived at Byviken about 18.00. The ferry will go on schedule from Holmön at 7.00 tomorrow morning.
Exhaust crack 
A crack occurred on one of the exhaust tubes on the ferry during the afternoon tour today. It happened about 1 km from Norrfjärden after approximately 2 h run time. Most of the passengers chose to get off and walk the last part on the ice. The ferry continued in to Norrfjärden with only one engine running and arrived at 18.20. The crack in the exhaust tube was temporarily fixed and the ferry returned to Holmön and is estimated to arrive at 20.00. The ferry will depart on schedule tomorrow Monday morning. The tours is estimated to take more than 1.5 h. The ferry will then remain in Norrfjärden during the day until the exhaust tube has been repaired.
Information about the shop
A new information link is introduced on the start page. It is about information regarding the shop on Holmön and the new organisation that will buy and run the shop. [Readmore In swe]
Social evening
A social evening will be arranged at the Vicar's place on 7 February at 19.00. Bring something nice to eat and drink before the dancing. Coffee, lemonade and cookies will be served. Everyone is welcome. A small contribution to the rent of the place will be acknowledged. 
Forum meeting
The group that work for a solution for the shop announces two Forum meetings. One on Saturday 24 Jan at 12.30 at the School on Holmön and one on Tuesday 27 Jan at 19.00 at Folkuniversitetet in Umeå. [Readmore (in Swe)] 
Ice report
The Ice report begins again since there is ice in Kvarken.
Report from New Year Eve Party
Read mor e and see pictures from our New Year Party (in Swe). 

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