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First half year 2003

03-06-28 11.00
This years mail rowing (Postrodden) has been cancelled
This years mail rowing has been cancelled due to hard wind. With 12 meters per second dead against you it is impossible to row the 36 nautical miles (60 km) long way across Kvarken between Björkö and Holmön. A small party of assistant boats will take some of the crews to Holmön to participate in the planned dinner and party in Byviken on Holmön this evening. 
03-06-11 09.00
Ferry tours at Midsummar
Information from the State Road Board:

Midsummar tours:
Thursday 19/6 an extra tour at 17.30 from Holmön and 18.20 from Norrfjärden (mainland).
On Midsummar Eve (Friday 20/6) are the tours at 17.30 from Holmön and 18.20 from Norrfjärden cancelled.

Anneli Markström, Traffic Information, State Road Borad, Region North
(for more info call 020-227766)

03-06-12 14.00
Hamnkrogen opens
On Saturday 14/6 Hamnkrogen opens for the season. Kustbandet plays nice music from 21.00 - 01.00.
03-06-11 16.00
School breaking-up
See pictures from the school breaking-up ceremony in the Holmön church.
03-06-03 21.00
No bacteria
UMEVA announces that the new samples show that there are no coli bacteria in the community water.  The water chlorination will terminate this coming weekend. 
03-06-01 23.00
Letter to the government
HUF and Postroddsföreningen have written to the government regarding the proposal to put a fee on the boats the sea rescue has borrowed free from the Swedish defence. One of these boats is located to the rescue station in Holmsund. Readthe document (in swe) 
03-05-31 10.00
School termination
On Wednesday 11 June the school on Holmön ends for this summer. Parents and villagers are welcome to the church at 10.00. There will be coffee and lemonade afterwards at the school. Everyone is welcome.
03-05-28 10.00
Chlorinated water
UMEVA announces that the water on Holmön will be chlorinated for some time due to the presence of coli bacteria. Read more (in Swe)
03-05-15 00.00
Ice report
The Ice report discontinues for this season.
03-05-05 13.00
Extra ferry tours
The ferry staff announces that there will be two extra tours for transport of goods: 

20 May from Holmön 09.30 and from Norrfjärden 11.00

27 May from Holmön 09.30 and from Norrfjärden 11.00

Booking is made as usual through the ferry staff on tel. 090-55255 or 070-3464819.

03-05-02 15.00
See pictures from Valpurgis night
See pictures from this years Valpurgis celebration with the fire down in Byviken.
03-04-29 09.00
See pictures from the Easter party
See pictures from this years Easter party (picture legends in Swe).
03-04-24 09.00
Last April
This years spring fire will be lit in Byviken at the same spot as last year. The aim is to lit the fire at about 20.30 as a compromise between small childrens possibility to participate and more darkness. 
03-04-22 09.00
Fifty year party
Our friend Leif Eriksson has become fifty years old and to celebrate this a party will be arranged on Saturday 3 May at 17.00 at the Vicar's. 
R.S.V.P. not later than Monday 27 April to Olle Nygren 070-6636706 or Lennart Dahlberg 070-5874135.
03-04-21 18.00
The ferry on schedule during the weekend 
The ice situation has not delayed the ferry that has been on schedule during the weekend. 
03-04-20 16.00
Easter party
The Easter party on Easter Eve was successful. The weather this year was not as nice as previous years. Thin clouds did not give the real warm sun and a chilly southerly wind cooled things off. Despite this more than 80 people gathered on the ice i Nymanskroken at the big buffet table and BBQ. Good food and drink raised the spirit. Pictures will come later. 
03-04-16 16.00
Communications during Easter 
The following communication has been decided:
Thursday morning: Helicopter from Holmön as many tours necessary to fly all that are going to the mainland. Travellers to Holmön only if there is seats on return flights. 
Thursday afternoon: No tour from Holmön. The ferry depart on schedule 16.40 from Norrfjärden. Kronö assists.
Friday--Sunday: No planned communications. If the ferry can go without assistance they might try. 
Monday (Second day Easter) afternoon: The ferry departs on schedule 15.40 from Holmön with assistance from Kronö. The ferry departs from Norrfjärden on schedule 16.40 or direct after arrival if later than 16.40. Kronö assists.
Tuesday: Ferry (if she can go without assistance) or helicopter.
Wednesday: Ferry  (if she can go without assistance)
Thursday and Friday: Ferry (if she can go without assistance) or helicopter.
03-04-14 11.00
Correction re: the ferry
The ferry staff say that the technical malfunctions on the ferry do not decrease the maximum capacity, but may, in due time, lead to damage of the engines and will therefore be repaired as soon as possible.
03-04-13 20.00
The ferry to  Norrfjärden
The ferry has stayed put in Byviken after the tour to Norrfjärden on Wednesday. A number of malfunctions decreases the maximum capacity of the ferry. This means that the engines cannot be used at maximum in a normal way, which reduces the capacity to force the ice.  

With assistance from Kronö the ferry managed to go to Norrfjärden during the afternoon today. The purpose was to place the ferry in Norrfjärden to facilitate the reparations. 

03-04-12 14.00
Easter party
The Easter party on Easter Eve will be arranged this year too. Since the snowmobile conditions has disappeared, the party will be held at a place that everyone can go to, e.g., Bergudden or Byviken. As back-up, if the weather fails,  is the possibility to be at Vicar's. The place is decided later. See notice at the shop or contact Olle Nygren, 070-6636706, for more information. 
03-04-10 18.00
Helicopter tomorrow
Since the ice has stopped the ferry for the time being, there will be helicopter flying tomorrow morning and afternoon. There will be no other communication during the weekend. Next flying occasion will be on Monday unless the ice situation improves so the ferry can operate. Information and booking of flights shall be done, as usual,  through Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
03-04-10 9.30
Ferry? Helicopter!
The first ferry tour for the season departed from Norrfjäden according to schedule yesterday at 16.40.  The tour towards Holmön was good and after about 1 h they reached the ice edge outside of Lillhällan, about 800 m from the harbour in Byviken. There, it turned out, was the ice compressed in an about 200 m wide area. Inside this part was the track unaffected. After much pushing  and breaking ice they managed to pass this 200 m of compressed ice and reached the track. The ferry could the get into the harbour in Byviken at 20.40 after 4 hours, at sea, of which 3 hours were spent on a distance of about 200 m.

Today, Thursday, there will be helicopter flying and probably also tomorrow Friday. Announcement regarding this will be given during the day. Information and booking of flights is done, as usual, with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.

03-04-09 9.30
The ferry in  Norrfjärden
Since a water channel had opened in the ice, the ferry made an attempt to go to Norrfjärden. After about 1 h running time they reached the green buoy in Norrfjärden. They continued to break ice and came about 1/2 boat length each time. The ice is about 40 cm thick but is is only 10-15 cm solid fresh ice and the rest is rotten porous ice. At about 13.00 they reach the jetty in Norrfjärden. The ferry will depart for Holmön on normal schedule 16.40. 
03-04-08 8.30
No attempt with the ferry  
Too much ice in Kvarken to make any attempt to break ice with the ferry today. 
03-04-07 22.00
Ferry or flying? 
During Saturday, there was no attempt with the ferry to break up the ice in to Norrfjärden due to the rough drifting ice out in Kvarken. Nor on Sunday there was any attempt with the ferry although there was open water between Lillhällan and Pannan. The risk for more drifting ice from north was regarded to be too large. Today, Monday, the ferry made an attempt to go to Norrfjärden. It followed the track Kronö made in to the green buoy, where it came to a stop in 40-50 cm thick ice.   

Today, Monday, there were helicopter flights in the morning and afternoon as planned. On Vägverkets website one can read that there will be daily helicopter flying on ferry schedule until further notice. This is not correct. Although a verbal agreement from last autumn on how the traffic shall be upheld during times with no normal communications, non of the parts will take responsibility. Today they argue what they had agreed upon.  It still unclear what the situation will be. Tonight we know that there will not be any flying tomorrow or on Wednesday.  Maybe on Thursday. 

Tomorrow morning the ferry will depart on schedule and continue the attempt to break the ice into Norrfjärden. The older school children that normally go to school in Sävar on Tuesdays will be forced to stay and go to school on Holmön.   

No communications this weekend
During two hours on Thursday evening, Kronö broke up a track through Byviken in to the harbour. They also broke up some ice in towards Norrfjärden. The ferry made a scouting tour this morning. The rough ice out in Kvarken together with snowfall and poor visibility made it impossible to continue across to Norrfjärden so they turned back outside of Lillhällan. With the current weather forecast in view, it is unlikely that there will be any more attempts with the ferry before Sunday. 

The helicopter flying on Friday morning was just finished when the snowfall came at stopped further flying. Next planned flying occasion is on Monday morning, unless the ferry is in operation by then. 

Ice breaking
Ice breaking with Kronö, to assist the ferry out from Byviken, has been expected to be carried out during Friday. The work, however, commenced during Thursday evening due to the weather forecast that promise heavy snowfall and hard winds from south on Friday and from north on Saturday. 
Helicopter cancelled
The planned helicopter flying Thursday morning is cancelled due to invalid flight permission at Lappandsflyg.  Kallaxflyg will come with a helicopter from Luleå during the day. There might be time for goods transport during the day before the planned afternoon flying.
Helicopter cancelled this afternoon
The helicopter flying this afternoon has been cancelled due to the hard weather. The school children has temporarily been hosted on the mainland.
Attempt to break the ice with the ferry  
The ice in Kvarken is rapidly drifting away  In the Byviken harbour the ice is 30 cm thick. During the afternoon today the ferry staff will make an attempt with the ferry to break up the ice in Byviken so the ferry traffic can be resumed as soon as possible. Assistance from the ice breakers or Kronö cannot be expected until late this week. 
Helicopter tomorrow
Since there are no other means of communication available now, there will be helicopter flying tomorrow, Tuesday, too. Booking as usually with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
Kvarken breaks up
In the hard northerly wind the ice in northern part of Kvarken has broken up. Is ice edge goes from Sköthälla to Lillhälla and in a bow to the south towards Pannan. North of this line is open water. The ice inside the edge is broken up in shelves and southwards there are several open ice channels.
No hydrocopter communication today
The hydrocopter traffic has now ended for this season. Lapplandsflygs all helicopters are already booked for today Sunday. There may be a possibility for a flight late this afternoon. Information may be given with very short notice. Helicopter flying is already booked to Monday (school transport). Booking as usual with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
The hydrocopter turns back
The ice conditions is now so poor that the hydrocopter, during the afternoon tour, broke through the ice the whole time and could finally not continue. After 2 km the drive decided to turn back and leave the empty baggage sledge behind. Just after turning, the driving belt broke and the  hydrocopter got stuck in the water with broken ice around. The three passengers had to wait for one hour while the driver changed the driving belt and the drive back to Holmön could be resumed. After about 1.5 hour the hydrocopter returned to solid ground on Holmön.
Poor ice conditions
Warning!! Warning!! Warning!! Warning!!
The ice condition in Kvarken is now very poor. There are large areas with ice thickness less than 5 cm. Also inside Norrfjärden there are areas with rotten ice. The ice decay is rapid in this mild weather. 

The ice around Holmön is also beginning to decay and there is open water in many places, particularly around straits, land points, stones and running water coming out into the sea. 

New day for annual meeting
Holmöns Vägsamfällighetsförening has moved the annual meeting to 27 April due to the problematic communications. See the Calendar.
Hydrocopter back in traffic
The hydrocopter was returned to Norrfjärden and was taken back to Holmön on Thursday evening. The traffic was resumed on Friday morning.
Hydrocopter broken
A support for the propeller shaft on the hydrocopter has been bent and the hydrocopter tour from Norrfjärden this afternoon has been cancelled. 

Tomorrow there will be helicopter tours as usual.

Greetings from Björkö
A salute from Finland:

Också en människa som inte är medborgare i Sverige, om än bekant med beslutsprocesserna ( läs långbänk i sträckbänk ) hos I svenske kan förledas isvordom och leda. Jag önskar att jag kunde göra något; i offentlighet, i lönndom eller med utnyttjande av den ypperligaste formen av list.

Inget förmår jag, inget kan jag uträtta, mera än att, såhär till intet förpliktande, sända ur mitt hjärta just min förståelse för era kval och en önskad styrka lik en bitter och stingande nässla, Eder att begagna i den kamp Ni har att fortsättningsvis föra, för att få de självklara rättigheter som envar på enahanda grund garanteras i lag, såväl i Nordens land Sverige som i Österlandet och resten av Nordens civiliserade länder.

Kanske grundlagen?

                Bengt å Björkö

Cancelled tours
The planned helicopter tours today Monday has been cancelled as well as the hydrocopter tours due to the hard weather.
Historic review
Already in 1926 one can read about Holmön's problem in Västerbottens Museum's year book (in swe):

Du ler. Vad kan väl ett fiskeskär långt ute i Bottenhavet, där endast sand, lera, berg och mylla utgjort tidemätaren, äga av historia? Och väl skymtar Holmön, likt det styvbarn den ständigt varit, blott dunkelt fram i fastlandets urkunder.

Men är viljan god, kan man i skenet av dessa svaga glimtar varsna hur en flock av Sveriges barn i ofta bitter ensamhet ha levat, lidit, fröjdats och farit vill - och likväl trots allt strävat framåt.  

Forum meeting
Read the minutes from the Forum meeting today (in Swe).
Hydrocopter stuck in the snow
Snow fall and wind during Friday made the conditions on Kvarken very harsh. The hydrocopter got stuck in the snow several times during the morning tour and had to be towed back to Holmön the last 2 km. 

The communication service is being further reduced. No passengers had been denied transport before although several tours were needed. During Friday afternoon one passenger was denied transport to Holmön and booked passengers on Saturday morning were requested to stay home due to the difficult conditions.   

According to latest news, the hydrocoptern will be back on Holmön on Thursday evening. As planned, there will be helicopter flights tomorrow Thursday morning and afternoon, but the traffic with the hydrocopter is expected to be resumed on Friday morning. 
Spark event
Holmöns Red Cross's traditionel spark event gatherd this year 70 participants of which 40 were children and  30 adults. Thirtyone teams started and completed the whole track. After half distance there at the base of the feared  Lundströms hill bluberry soup was served to all participants. Vinner of this event was Linus Lundberg. 
After the event everyone had home baked semlor. Over 100 semlor was eaten. During the year the Red Cross on Holmön has collected 19 000 kr, of which 12 000 kr went to World Children, 5 000 kr to War Victimes and 2 000 kr to the Catastrofy fund.
The hydrocopter will remain at the workshop for 2-3 days. No connections are currently planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday morning and afternoon and Friday afternoon there will be helicopter tours. For booking and schedule call Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
The hydrocoptern needs a more thorough reparation that will commence on Monday. 

On Monday there will be helicopter flying at 7.30 and 16.00. For booking call Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.

Hydrocopter broken
The lift for the skies on the hydrocopter has broke down and the hydrocopter will be taken into the workshop for repairment. Information on when thetrafic can be resumed will during the weekend be left by Ultra 090-162250.
Reminder 1. Spark event on Tuesday March 4 at noon starts at the school.
Reminder 2. Forum meeting on Saturday möte 8 March 12.00 at the school.
Holmö Havsbad
Gunnar Furufalk and Margot Tjärnström leave Holmön to take over the management of Stenfors Gård. They have taken this decision beacuse they cannot see any improvement in the communication situation. It is unclear what will happens with Holmö Havsbad. 
Driver exchange
The Sea Inspectrorate has found that the regular hydrocopter driver Peter Tornberg does not have the proper right qualification to drive the vehicle. Ultra has placed Nils-Bertil Andersson as exchange drive. Nils-Bertil is a well-known Holmö personality, who earlier was captain on the Holmö ferry. Nowadays he is captain on Vidar III, which is chartered as replacement when the regular ferry is in dock.
Ulrika Messing has answered Ulla Löfgren on her interpellation regarding the Holmön trafic. Readthe answer (in Swe).
Helicopter on Friday
There will be helicopter tours also on Friday afternoon with start 15.00. For booking call Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
03-02-12 afternoon
Cancelled tours and helicopter
The hydrocopter tours today, Wednesday, in the afternoon and tomorrow are cancelled.

Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be helicopter tours at 8.00 and 15.00. 

For information regarding when the hydrocopter is back and for booking to the helicopter tours, contact Peter Tornberg, tel 070-690 8163.

03-02-12 morning
Engine problem stops the hydrocopter
Although just maintained, the hydrocopter engine problem persists. The engine stopped on arrival to Norrfjärden this morning. Information regarding the afternoon tour is expected during the day. Contact Peter Tornberg, tel 070-690 8163.
03-02-11 afternoon
Fog stops flying
The helicopter flying this afternoon has been cancelled due to fog and poor visibility. 

The hydrocopter is ready at the workshop and a tour is expected to depart from Norrfjärden about 18.00.

Helicopter tour this afternoon
Today, Tuesday, there will be a helicopter transport at 15.00 from Norrfjärden.
03-02-10 noon
Cancelled tours 
The hydrocopter is taken in for maintenance. The afternoon tour today, Monday, and both tours tomorrow as well as the morning tour on Wednesday are cancelled. More news on when the hydrocopter is back will be given on Wednesday.
Hydrocopter to maintenance
The hydrocopter has been taken in for maintenance during Monday. Information regarding the afternoon tour will be given during the day by Peter Tornberg, tel 070-690 8163.
Power cable damage found 
The damage of the new power cable has been localised. The cable will not be repaired until spring when the ice has gone. During the week a full scale test of the diesel engine power station will be carried out.  
03-02-03 afternoon
Cancelled tour
The hydrocopter tour this afternoon has also been cancelled due to the hard weather. 
Cancelled tours
The helicopter tours for the school kids today has been cancelled due to strong wind and snow fall. The hydrocopter tour this morning has also been cancelled. the water level in the sea has increased to over +60 cm och there is flooding on the ice.   
Cancelled tours
The helicopter tours for the school kids on Tuesday were cancelled due to strong wind and snow fall. The hydrocopter tours on Tuesday afternoon were also cancelled as well as this afternoon tours. 
Power cable damaged 
The power failure last night was due to a damage on the power cable from the main land. It is still unclear where the cable has been damaged. The power supply is now maintained via the old cable. 
Ice bridge construction
During the last day, the sea level has increased much and caused sever flooding of the ice in the Umeå region. The flooding of the ice close to Holmön has reached 80-100 cm in some areas. It has not been possible to get to the hydrocopter dry shod. About thirty volunteer, therefore built a 30 m long bridge from the shore out to the solid dry ice outside the flooding. 

Hydrocopter inspection
The Labour Inspectorate and Swedish Maritime Safety Inspection have inspected the hydrocopter and found a number of deficiencies that must be attended, e.g., the fire extinguishing system, driver environment. It was also stated that the vehicle only may take 3 passengers. The deficiencies must be attended to within one month.
Peter our hydrocopter driver had his  40 years birthday just before Christmas. After all holidays this could be celebrated with a gentlemen's dinner-party yesterday evening. Of course there is no photographic documentation. No one should have to answer for anything. According to usually well-informed sources there was a delicious meal based on local products of Holmön. No elk or birds was on the menu since Peter don't eat meat. There was, however, lots of dotted fish and a terrific sauce as well as a vegetarian desert from the sea shore. 
Peter contributes in an extra-ordinarily fertile way to the population growth on Holmön. This gave the idea for present and a variety of locally produced songs, which were sang during dinner. This one is a example:

When the hydro roams Kvarkens ice
and Peter sits by the wheel
then a weld breaks on left front
and the hydro goes on the belly
Don't fall apart you piece of junk
let me get back to my wife 
Then a strote broke 
and the driving strap too

Against all odds he got home
and the misses was lying there waiting
What will there be he thought
maybe ther'll be a lassie
At the ultrasonic' Peter was alighted
he should tremble for that answer
because it is two
and puppies too

Helicopter & hydrocopter 
The hydrocopter has now been repaired and will be in operation at the afternoon tour from Norrjärden at 16.40. 

On Thursday will there be a helicopter to fly the school kids morning and evening tours. Booking for others as usual with Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163. 

Hydrocopter broken
The rear hyudral lift for the skis on the hydrocopter broke during the afternoon tour today. The hydrocopter must be taken into a workshop for repair. 

Ultra will arrange a helicopter flight tomorrow morning at 9.00. More flights will depend on how quick the hydrocopter will be repaired.

The hydrocopter is  here
Yesterday the hydrocopter arrived to Holmön. A track has been recognized today. The track goes straight over Kvarken from Vintervägskroken to south of Pannan. An opening in the ice walls at Pannan has been chopped up. From there the track continuous to the green buoy and into the jetty in Norrfjärden. Please observe that there are no orientation sticks put up! The traffic with the hydrocopter commenced with todays afternoon tour. Booking can be done though Peter Tornberg, tel 070-690 8163.
Helicopter tour tomorrow morning
This afternoon Ultra decided to also fly helicopter tomorrow morning  with start on Holmön at 9.00. Booking can be done though Peter Tornberg, tel 070-690 8163.

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