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First half year 2002

The programme for this years SeaJazz is now ready.
High speed computer network
The Community Board has now decided on the priority order for building the local high speed network. The decision means that we on Holmön will get a high speed connection with micro-wave link already during 2002. Currently, purchasing of the contracts is in progress and in August a more detalied schedule for this work is expected to be available. 
Changed ferry tours 
Vägverket announces that the doubled ferry tour in the afternoon on Friday 21 June (Midsommer eve) will be moved to Thursday afternoon 20 June.
School breaking-up day
See pictures from the school breaking-up day.
The summer has exploded upon us. Clear sky and bright sun shine keep us away from the computer. So also webmaster who has been passive during the past weeks.
Thunder warning
The thunder storms during the past weeks have knocked out TV sets as well as potrable phones and computers on the island. Beware and pull the plugs when you go away and when it is thunder in the air. 
Ömiljö announces that from week 19 the garbage collection will be odd weeks in south of the village and on even weeks in the north of the village. Compost buckets will be changed weekly in the whole village. 
Lumbering damages
Samfällighetsföreningen plans to contact Norra Skogsägarna due to the damages caused by the lumbering in 2001. Have you got damages on your land contact immediately GunnarBäckström, tel 090 55084. 
High speed computer network

Umeå Community has decided to build a high speed computer network to the villages in the Community. All villages with schools are given priority, which means that Holmön is among these villages. HUF has made an application to the Community to get a microwave link as soon as possible.

Stora Lanthandeln

Stora Lanthandeln change to summerbusiness hours   on June 14. They also announces that for mid-summer: The customers who wish to order special products must order not later than Friday June 14  Since the delivery day before midummer is on Tuseday June 18.

School termination
The school termination will traditional be in the church on  12 June at 10.00. After the cermony ther will be coffe at the school. 
Umeå Segelsällskap (USS) arranges a regatta on Saturday 15 June. Start at 11.00 in Bredvik, Obbola and end at Byviken, Holmön around 15.00-16.00. Participants report in Bredvik before 10.00. The participants are expected to be about 15-20 boats. Both Hamnkrogen and Panget will have live music and a special menu in the evening. 

This years Sea-jazz will be on 6-7 July. A detailed programme will be available on the web shortly. 

02-05- 12
Holmö Havsbad opens for the season on 17 May. They will be open all days between the ferry tours. There will also be an evening pub on Saturdays from 18 May.
02-05- 05
Garbage meeting
On Saturday 11 May staff from UmEva will come to Holmön to look for suitable locations of the new garbage handling facility. 
Due to this, HUF will arrange a Forum meeting where representatives from UmEva will participate to give and get information. The meeting will be held on Saturday 11/5  13.30 at the school.
02-05- 02
This years May fire was one of the greatest. About fifty people visited the fire and sang spring songs before the darkness fell and only the fire gave light.

The HUGO youth sold hamburgars, hot dogs and sparkling lemonade to all hungry fire visitors.

02-04- 25
Info from Färjerederiet
Ferry maintenance
Färjerederiet announces that the ferry will be taken out of operation for maintenance during 14-16 maj. The traffic will be maintained with Vidar III. This means that the transport capacity will be limited during these days.

Extra goods tours with the ferry
Two goods tours will be made with the ferry. The first on 29 May and the second on 5 June. The tours will depart from Holmön at 9.30 and from Norrfjärden at 11.00. 

02-04- 24
Info from Norra Skogsägarna
The lumbered timber piled up in Byviken and south of  Bergudden will be transported from the island with a barge. The work will start at the beginning of May. For those who whish it is possible to book space on the barge for transports to Holmön. Sign up on the list at the shop. Contact Norra Skogsägarna at tel 090 156700 for more information. 
More gravel information

In formation !

To the joint owners in Ängesöns Vägsamhällighetsförening.

The work with the planned gravel production at Gebäcksåsarna continuous. At the meeting March 16 showed that everyone was positive to continue the work. The last complements of the application will be sent to Länsstyrelsen during the comming weeks.

For comments and information contact    
Walter Holmberg
Klementsvägen 9
918 03 HOLMÖN.

090-550 04
070-366 95 81

Successful song evening 
The song evening arranged by Visum at Vicar´s place on Friday evening 12 April was very successful. About 30 participants eate a good stew made by Margot Tjärnström. Then there were songs and music. Both Visums members and islanders played music and sang all the way to dawn.
Mink hunting
Mats Wallrud at Västerbottens Jägareförbund informs about mink hunting on Holmön.

On 1 August 2001 a large mink hunting project in Kvarken was launched. The wild mink hunting is a part of the EU financed Interreg project Grön Bro II. the project is running during 2001-2003 and comprise areas in the Kvarken archipelago. The aim with the mink project is to reduce the mink population on the most important bird islands and create mink free zones around them. This is made by putting out traps to capture minks. Here on Holmön it is Eskil Fredriksson, Conny Lundberg, Tore Löfgren och Peder Taflin who are responsible for the traps.  The ornitologists and Coast Guard are also involved in the project. read more about the project (in Swe).

Last April
This years Spring fire will be the heap that has been gathered in Byviken below the parking lot to be. Luck with a warm April is necessary to be able to burn the heap in a good way. It must be free from snow before last of April. Leif Eriksson has almost showed away all snow and hope that other contribute with the shovel 15 min a day.  It is possible to deliver material to the heap, but no one may put any new material on the heap before the snow is gone. Place the new material at the side of the big heap. All new material will the be put on the heap the last days before end of April. 

The youth in "Hugo" will sell hamburgers, hotdogs and lemonade to finance their activities at HUGO. 

Easter eve
The traditonal outdoor lunch on Easter Eve was successful. Over 100 people gathered on the ice and had a nice time in the wonderful weather. Se pictures (text in Swe). 
On Easter Eve there will be the traditional common outdoor luncheon. Everyone is welcome to join. Tables to put up a Dutch treat will be available for those who like to share some dainties. A BBQ will be on. The place for this arrangement will depend on the snow conditions and weather. It will be decided on Good Friday and be announced at the School and the shop. 

See Stora Lanthandeln's special Easter bargains. ( The link is not active any more ). 

Open water
During the Sunday, the ice in Kvarken north of the track broke up and drifted to north. The ferry runs in open water between Lillhällan and Pannan. Fixed ice with a track remains in Byviken and in Norrfjärden inside of Pannan. The tour takes about 50 min.
The ferry breaks new track
The ice has moved during the past day and the track in the ice has been compressed and disappeared.  The ferry had to break up a new track during the morning and arrived at Norrfjärden about noon today.  
02-03-22 afternoon
No ferry
The strong wind casues ice pressure, which may capture the ferry in the ice. The captain has therefore decided to cancel the afternoon tour today Friday, too.
02-03-22 morning
The f
erry cancelled
Snowfall with poor visibility in combination with strong wind, which might force the ice to move, made the captain to decide to cancel the morning tour today Friday. 
The shop business hours during Easter 
Thursday 28/3                     10-14, 18-19
Good Friday 29/3                10-12
Easter eve 30/3                   10-14
Easter Day 31/3                   12-13
Easter second day 1/4          12-13
The mild weather during the past days have made the ice deteriorate rapidly. A warning to everyone that plans to go on the ice this Easter. Be careful!
Reminder of meeting.

The shop closed!

HUF reminds of the communication meeting at the County Board tomorrow the 14 March at 10.00 in session hall 9. At the meeting participators from HUF, Färjerederiet (the ferry), Vägverket (Road Board), Ultra (Local Buss company), Kommunen (local administation), Räddningstjänsten (rescue service) and Landstinget (Health care). All interested are welcome as audience. 

Tomorrow Thursday the shop will be closed during the day, since the owner will participate at the meeting. The post will be delivered as usual. The shop will be extra open for one hour on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  

The ferry in operation
During yesterday afternoon the icebreaker Ymer came and broke up the ice in Kvarken. The ferry departed on schedule this morning and made a new track in the ice to Norrfjärden. The trip took more than 3.5 h and the ferry was back in Byviken after 5 h at noon.  The afternoon tour took litte more than 1 h to Norrfjärden and the ferry was back to Holmön about 10 min delayed.
Ultra reported yesterday that there will be helicopter transport of people from the island. The first departure is scheduled to 7.30 but fog may cause changes of the flying schedule. 
More info and booking via Peter Tornberg, tel 070-6908163.
The ice stops the ferry. 
The notherly wind in combination with falling water level have casued strong pressure in the ice in Kvarken, which creates walls in the ice.  The afternoon ferry tour today, Sunday, is cancelled. If there is no change in the situation, the morning tour tomorrow, Monday, will also be cancelled. Assistance from ice breaker can only be obtained on Monday afternoon at the earliest. Ultra has been informed of this situation. 

Many people, who spent winter school holiday on the island, cannot get home as planned. 

The ferry turns back
Todays morning tour with the ferry is cancelled. The ferry had to turn back due to ice movments, which destroyed the track, and poor visibility due to the heavy snowfall. 

The ferry also had to turn back on the afternoon tour since it almost got stuck in the ice. I took about two hours before the ferry was back in port. 

The ferry on schedule
The ferry departed from Norrfjärden on schedule this morning and the tour took about 2 h. 

The afternoon tour went on schedule. 

The ferry stays in Norrfjärden
The ferry tour this morning took 1 h 40 min from Holmön to Norrfjärden due to the packed ice. The ferry was back to Holmön about 10.00. 

The afternoon tour took over 2 h and the staff decided not to go back to Holmön in the evening. The afternoon tour from Norrfjärden was therefore cancelled. The ferry will depart from Norrfjärden tomorrow Friday on schedule 8.15.

Spark competition
The traditional spark competition attracted unusually many participants, who enjoyed the nice weather. See pictures.
Drowned elk
An elk has gone through the ice and drowned in Sörvika north of Laxbådagrund. The new snow covered the thin ice. The elk walked out on the broken up ice. 
Forum meeting
Read minutes (in Swe) from the Forum meeting at the School on 23 February.
The ferry runs again
Yesterday at noon, the ferry left Holmön and arrived in Norrfjärden after 2 h. The return trip departed according to the time table and was on schedule. 
The ferry
turns back
The weather this morning was still poor and the morning ferry tour was cancelled. On the afternoon tour the ferry had to turn back due to ice pressure at Pannan. Next attempt will be tomorrow. For more info on departure time call the ferry captain, ph 070-3464819. 
The ferry cancelled
The Holmön ferry tours is cancelled today due to the hard weather.
Fixed ice
The cold weather during the past days has caused new ice formation on all open water in Kvarken. The ice is fixed and the ferry runs in a track. The track freeze together between the tours, which makes the trips longer. This morning the trip took about 1 h 20 min.
Forum meeting
HUF arranges a Forum meeting on Saturday 23 February to discuss the comming meeting with the authorities in March. It is very important that as many as possible come and say their meaning. More info, ÅsaEngman, 090 55130.
Kommunen supports subsidy
Umeå Kommun supports Holmöns Stora Lanthandels application for a service subsidy from the County administration. Due to the poor communications winter time, the shop has large problems  transports and an exorbitant low customer potential during the winter half year, since people can not visit the island as much as desired. Kommunen writes in their support letter that it is important with a functional shop on the island despite the poor communications. 
The ferry runs again
After the ferry stop this weekend, the ferry departed on schedule on Sunday afternoon. Ymers efforts during Saturday had eased the ice situation and the ferry had no problems to pass thecremaining ice. The tour took about one hour from Holmön to Norrfjärden.

During Monday, the big ice shelf in Kvarken floated in towards Pannan and the ferry had to round the ice shelf on its afternoon tour, which took 75 min to Norrfjärden.

Ice breaking
There will be no ferry tour this afternoon. Next attempt to cross Kvarken will be on Sunday afternoon. 

When the ferry had to turn back, the ferry captain asked the icebreaker Ymer, which was close to Holmön, to break up the ice in West Kvarken to facilitate for the ice to drift off north with the current strong wind. See pictures.

The ferry turns back
The strong wind has caused ice to pile up in a wall outside of Pannan. During the morning tour, the ferry could not pass the ice wall and had to turn back.  
On Tuesday 5 March (during sport vaccation week) Holmöns Red Cross dept arranges the traditionel spark (kick) race for all kids and others in the village. Start and Finish at the school. Liquid controll with blueberry soup at Lundströmsbacken. Fika will be served after the race. New this year is that no prices will be awarded besides the medal to all participants. The excess will instead go to the Fund for the Worlds Children.  More info: Elise Tegström, 090-55043.
The ferry is slow
The ice in Kvarken is now still and the track remains put. The ferry needs about 60-70 min run time from Holmön since the track freezes between the tours. 
Ferry starts again
With assistance from Kronö, the ferry has today broken up a track in to Norrfjärden. The ferry departed from Norrfjärden on schedule this afternoon and is expected to run on schedule from tomorrow.
Flying cancelled
Todays flying is cancelled due to bad weather. Flying will be done tomorrow if the weather allows this. 
Connection this 
Ultra annonounces that there will be helicopter transports during the following days:
Thursday 31 January morning and afternoon
Friday 1 February afternoon
Monday 3 February morning and afternoon
More info on departure times and for booking contact 
Peter Tornberg, tel 090 55188; 070 6908163.
02-01-29 morning
No connections
During yesterday the conncetion was kept up with helicopter to assist schoolkids and commuters as well as post and goods. Since the ice had stopped yesterday, Ultra planned to start hydrocopter traffic this afternoon. This has however been cancelled since the ice has broken up. 

At the moment it is unclear how the connection will be continued. We wait for information during the day on how Ultra, the Community and Vägverket aim to solve this problem.

Forum m
Read the minutes (in Swe) from the Forum meeting on 26 January.
The ferry tries
Today there was a new attempt to go to Norrfjärden. A big ice wall outside of Pannan stopped the ferry and they had to turn back. 
Forum meeting
On Saturday 26 January at 15.00 there will be a  Forum meeting at the school. On the agenda is among other things the communication issue. Everyone is welcome. More info ÅsaEngman, tel 090 55130.
Transports during the weekend
The weather forecast predicts snowstorm for Friday. If possible, there will be helicopter transport on Friday 25/1 afternoon. No helicopter transports will be arranged during Saturday or Sunday. The next transport will be on Monday morning. More information regarding flying times etc and booking via Peter Tornberg 090 55188; 070 6908163. 
02-01-23 at 16.00
Helicopter tomorrow
Tomorrow, Thursday 24/1, there will be a helicopter transport from Holmön at 8.30 and from Norrfjärden at 14.00. More information and booking via Peter Tornberg, tel 090 55188; 070 6908163.
02-01-23 at 15.30
Ferry gives up
The ferry had to give up the attempt to force the ice in Kvarken and has reurned to Holmön. 
02-01-23 at 13.00
New attempt with the ferry
The ferry will make a new attempt to force the ice in Kvarken. At 13.30, the ferry will go from Holmön and, if successful, it will depart from Norrfjärden on schedule or somewhat later.
02-01-23 morning
The ferry turns back
The cold weather in combination with the wind have started an icedrift southwards through Kvarken. The ice press is so hard that the track disapears and the ferry, with its reduced propulsion capacity, has problem to keep a speed that compensates the drifting ice. Therefore, they decided to turn back to Holmön. 
The aerobics class has started after the christmas pause.  Lotta Otterstedt-Edlund leads the class and the schedule can be found in the calendar.
Computer course
A basic computer course will be held on Holmön. The course will comprise: 
* the computer and internet history
* how does the computer works
* file handling
* word processing 
* e-mail
* the web 

The participants will be divided into two groups depending on their knowledge. The groups meet twice a week during four weeks. Each class is 2.5 h between 18.00-20.30. The groups decide on days at the first class. 

The fist class is on Monday 28 januari at the school.

More info: PeterAlmvall, tel 090 55060; 
mobil 070 5977045

Ferry repaired
The ferry has now been repaired and will depart from Norrfjärden at noon. The traffic will then recommence on schedule this afternoon at 15.40 from Holmön.
02-01-04 evening
The following information was recieved tonight:

Helicopter transports will be carried out tomorrow too. Flying time 9.00. Peter Tornberg, tel 090 55188; 070 6908163. will co-ordiinate these transports.

Vägverket Region Norr informs that the ferry will be repaired during the weekend and hopefully be in trafic already on Sunday afternoon.

Vägverket invites HUF, Ferry shipping and Ultra to constructive discussions on how the communikations shall work better with the current situation.  HUF welcomes this inititative. 

Ice situation 
The ice noth of Sköthällan has been released and difted north.

The ferry took 4.5 h yesterday on its way to Norrfjärden. The last 900 m, which Kronö could not assist, took 1.5 tim. 

The helicopter transports today starts at 13.00. Peter Tornberg, tel 090 55188; 070 6908163. co-ordinates these transports.

Ice situation and
The wind last night was not as strong as expected and the ice remains as yesterday.

Kronö from Holmsund will during the day assist the färjan out from Byviken and in to Norrfjärden. The ferry will then stay in Norrfjärden for repairment, which will start next week. The ferry will depart from Byviken at 13.30.  More info 070 3464819.

On Friday there will be helicopter transports. Booking and co-ordination will be handled by Peter Tornberg 090 55188; 070 6908163.

Ice situation  
Kvarken is now breaking up again and no track on the ice can be made. The rísk that all ice will be released is impending, especially since hard SW wind is expected to night. It is therefore not going to be any hydrocopter transport for the time being. People who need to get ashore might be transported by helicopter during the day.  Peter Tornberg 090 55188 is co-ordinating these transports.
communication from
The ferry staff has tried to break up the track both yesterday and today without any success. The afternoon tour today is cancelled and the staff believes that the season is over now. They will await the coming bad weather to see if it breaks up the ice. If not, they will put the ferry on winter stand. 

Peter Tornberg lets us know thet Ultra currently is working on arrangements for communication for tomorrow. They are in contact with Lapplandflyg and the Coast Guard to see the possibilities for a helicopter or a hoovercraft. Do you need transport to or from Holmön let Peter know so they can will know the need.

New Year
The New Year celebration on Holmön was quiet this year. The announced party was cancelled since there were too few participants.

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