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First half year 2001

New business hours 
Stora Lanthandeln have new businesshours during the summer. 
Ferry times mid-summer
Färjerederiet announces that the double afternoon ferry tour on Friday 22 June (mid-summer eve) is moved to Thursday 21 June.  
Extra tours with the ferry
Vägverket has approved extra tours with the ferry during the summer events, i.e., Postrodden, Visfestivalen and Holmöjazzen. Read about days and times for the extratours.
Forum meeting
HUF held a Forummeeting at the school on 14 June at 18.30. Björn Jonsson, cheif of the Environmental section at Länsstyrelsen, and reserve inspectors Lars Danielsson and Lena Lundevaller informed about comming activites in the nature reseve and answered questions. Ann Salomonson talked about the project Archibald. Read the minutes (in Swe).
The ferry is back
The repairment of the broken clutch was ready by noon. After test runs in Norrfjärden, the ferry departed back to Holmön on ordinay afternoon schedule.  Vidar III ran the afternoon tour from Holmön and did then return to Norrbyskär.
Ferry breakdown
Holmöfärjan had a breakdown today during the morning tour on its way back to Holmön. The ferry lost its propulsion north of Pannan and became unmaneuverable. The sea rescue was called for and towed the ferry back to port in Norrfjärden. The sea rescue stayed and carried out the traffic during the morning and afternoon. Vidar III is on its way to maintain the traffic while the ferry is repaired. 
HUGO support
The new HUGO association needs support with goods and stuff to the HUGO house. Do you have an old sofa, old china or carpets or other thins you don't need and are willing to give it to HUGO and the activites there? Contact Erika Persson, tel 090 135557, or Malin Lundberg, tel 0930 21444.
Skool breaking-up
The school breaking-up for summer holidays occured on 6 June with a cermony in Holmön church. After church there was coffe and lemanade at the school. See pictures.

HUGO meeting

The 29 May there was a meeting regadring the future of HUGO. A new associatin was founded. Its board comprise the following youngsters: Erika Persson, chairman, Malin Lundberg, secretary, Helen Tjernström, treasurer, and Tom Engman and John Brakander, members of the board.
The association will hold a new meeting on Saturday 9 June at 18.00 at HUGO. On the agenda are plans for maintenance of the house and summer activities.


Båtmuseetes vänner awards two schoolarships for youngsters who wish to participate in the ropemaking course during week 31 this summer. The schoolarships gives free participation and are open for youngsters in the age of 13-19 years old. Last day for application is 8 July. For written application and more information contact ÅkeSandström, tel 090 131128. 

Sea rescue answer

The 01-03-26 HUF wrote, together with Samfällighetsföreningen and Postroddsföreningen, to the Swedish Sea Rescue Organisation regarding the need for ice breaking assistance in Kvarken. The Sea Rescue has now answered by phone. 

The ferry back

After repairment of the bearing the ferry departed from the shipyard mid-day and i expected back to Holmön at midnight. The ferry will run on schedule tomorrow morning. 

Updates ineffective

During the past month, updates of the website have been ineffective. Pictures and news has not been on the web "in the minute". They are not there before the end of or after the "best before date".  Webmaster is very aware of this and regerst the situation.  There is however two reasons. The situation will not, unfortunately, be better in the near futute, but webmaster hope for some understanding.

The ferry had to turn back

The ferry left the shipyard on friday. Only a few hours away a larm was triggered off in the engine room. It was a bearing in the engine that was overheated. The ferry returned to the shipyard and they will begin to repair the fault on Monday. Hopefully the ferry will return to the Ascention weekend. 

Association for the sloop

Båtmuseets Vänner and other interested want to start an economical association for the management of the sloop and hostel at Fjäderägg. In a PM they call for a meeting.  

Last of April

See pictures from the traditional fire. 
(Caption in Swedish)

Last of April

Lots of people had gathered on the beach in Byviken to see the traditional fire and sing songs to the spring. Pictures will be shown shortly.


See pictures from the christening in the church on Saturday 28 April

The ferry to wharf

Today the ferry left Holmön to go to Docksta ship yard. The Community ferry VIDAR III arrived to Byviken during the day and will keep up the traffic from today's afternoon tour until the ordinary ferry returns, which will be away at least two weeks. The skippers, Nils-Bertil and Torsten, wish all passengers welcome and hope that the traffic will float although the limited cargo capacity.

State Road Board informs

The ferry to Holmön will be taken into a ship yard for maintenance during the weeks 17-19 (the ice conditions may cause delays). During this time, VIDAR III will traffic the route. This means significantly decreased goods capacity. The staff and the authority hope that any inconveniencies will be overseen by  the passengers. 

Information regarding the timetable, goods, cars and carts can be obtained from 070 - 346 48 19.
Monday - Friday      07.15 - 12.00, 16.00 - 17.00.
Saturdays             08.15 - 12.00, 16.00 - 17.00.

Extra ferry tours for goods
Extra ferry tours will be arranged on 
Wednesday 01-05-30 and Wednesday 01-06-06. 
Departure from Holmön at 10.00 and Norrfjärden at 12.00.

Can also be obtained from  Vägverkets trafikinformationscentral 
tel 0920 - 24 38 50 or 020 22 77 66.


The quiz regarding if it would be hydrocopter or ferry this Easter is now determined.

Since it was hydrocopter (Good Friday), isolation (Easter Eve and Day) and ferry (Easter Monday), have I, as webmaster, decided that the price would be raffled among all contributions. 

The winner is Thomas Åhs. Congratulations!!!!

The price is a bottle of red wine, which can be called for at Jongården.

Forum meeting

A Forum meeting was held on Easter Day (15/4). On the agenda were among many items: communication, activity plan, the new project. Read the minutes (only in Swe).

Successful feast

The feast on Easter Saturday at Bergudden was very successful. The weather was brilliant with clear blue sky and the sun glittering in the blue water in the background. More than 60 people came to Bergudden to participate in the feast. The feast began with a marriage ceremony. The buffet was overwhelming and the marriage cake splendid. See pictures

At the evening, the wedding dinner was held at the vicarage. See pictures.

Easter feast

This years Easter party will be held during Saturday afternoon at Bergudden lighthouse. A matrimony will be made at the same time. Everyone is welcome to the matrimony ceremony. 

Ice breaking

Tomorrow, Good Friday, will the icebreaker Frej come and break up the ice in Kvarken and open a track into Byviken. This will make it possible to begin the ferry traffic again. Contact Peter Tornberg, tel 090 55188 or the staff on the ferry, tel 070 3464819 for information about the transports. 

The ice is finished

The ice in Kvarken is breaking up. The ferry staff hopes to start with the ferry as soon the ice breaker can give assistance and break up a track in Byviken. According to the weather forecast windy weather with strong NE wind is expected. 

Peter announces that he will not go with the hydrocopter if there is much open sea. The hydrocopter tours begin to be fully booked. If you plan to go to Holmön this Easter it is high time to book Contact Peter Tornberg tel 55188 for bookings. 

No helicopter this morning

The helicopter tour this morning has been cancelled due to foggy and rainy weather. 

More helicopter

The last approved helicopter tour was on the afternoon April 5. The Holmön villagers have now contacted the Community board to get more Helicopter tours until the ice breaks. It was decided to approve two more helicopter tours the coming week up to Easter. Then there is assumed that the ice will be broken up with the icebreaker if not naturally.

Ice reports

During the period until the ice breaks up there will be, on the top of this page, reports of the current conditions of the ice.

Broken hydrocopter

During yesterday afternoon the hydrocopter broke down and the afternoon tours were cancelled. The left passengers were transported with snowmobile. Maintenance was made during the evening and the traffic was back in business this morning. 

Letter to the Sea Rescue

HUF, Samfällighetsföreningen and Postroddsföreningen have, together, sent a letter to the Sea Rescue. In this letter, the effects of the decrease in the activity at the Holmsund station have been discussed. The sale of Sigurd Golje has left the north coast of Sweden without any Sea Rescue. We have therefore requested that the Rescue Cruiser Astra shall be stationed at Holmsund during Nov-Jan and April as a replacement of Golje. During these periods, there is normally a large demand for assistance with ice breaking by the Holmön ferry and other light coastal sea traffic while at the same time Astra is not used much at her home harbour.  

Outdoor day

Class 4 at Holmöns school had an outdoor day on 19 mars with downhill skiing at Buberget in Vindeln. The outdoor day was held together with Sävar school where the 4th grade goes two days a week. It was the first time Veronika, Moa and Irina tried downhill skiing and they where both excited and scared when they went down the slope with rented gear. Before the day was over they were thrilled and hade learned a new way of skiing. In the buss on the way home they talked about making a ski slope at Strandberget.

Morning mist

This morning helicopter flying has been cancelled due to mist. The hydrocoptern runs on schedule.

What's happened these last weeks?

The 28 February reporters from both TV Bottnia and DN visited Holmön. Their reports came the following days in TV4 and DN.

The 1 March private persons started to go by snowmobile over the ice. The hydrocoptern broke down and the school kids were taken home by helicopter. The shop could not get the good for the weekend until Saturday.

On the 2 March all traffic was cancelled due to a snowstorm. Ultra announced that from 12 March and 4 weeks on there will be helicopter tours on Monday and Thursday. They will fly one tour back and forth morning and afternoon. Priority will made for school kids and elderly. The hydrocopter will also operate on schedule as usual.

The weekend 3-4 mars was the beginning of the School holidays. Many people came to Holmön by snowmobile.

On 5 March SVT visited Holmön and filmed for a repost on the morning news next day.

On 6 March there was the Semleloppet, Holmöns traditional spark (kick) competition. There were many participants and John Brakander was the winner. The taxi from Sävar did not pick-up Joar Sandström and his friend, who consequently missed the hydrocoptern and had to ski to Holmön, which we have been reading in VK.

During the middle of the week the Coast Guard passed Holmön with their hovercraft, which caused cracks in the ice along the track used by snowmobiles. HUF has put attention on this improper action in a press release.

During the weekend many people visited Holmön and lots of snowmobiles were seen on Holmön.

On 10 March the hydrocoptern broke down again during the morning tour and the passengers who whished were taken to Holmön by snowmobile.

On 11 March the hydrocoptern runs all day to take all holiday visitors back to the main land.

Ferry cancelled

The afternoon ferry today has been cancelled due to hard weather with snow.

Business subsidy

Umeå Kommun and SHR have recommended approval of Stora Lanthandelns application to Länsstyrelsen for a temporary business subsidy. Länsstyrelsen is expected to approve the application within the near future. 

Normal business hours

Stora Lanthandeln has returned to normal business hours. Mon-Sat 10-14, Fri also 18-19, Sun 12-13.

The committé report regarding the ferry presented

In a feature in Radio Västerbotten, Peter Fält, secretary in the committé on the Holmö traffic, was interviewed regarding the committée report.  Fält said the the committée had arrived in the conclusion that the ferry communication between Holmön and the mainland cannot be regarded as a public road like other State Road Board ferries. Han also emphazied that this ferry communication is so complicated and expensive that it ought to be a matter for the government.  It might be possible for the present operator or the Community to to run the ferry with a dedicated grant from the government. 

HUF:s board will look further at the repost and announce a Forum meeting to further discuss and decide on how to proceed in this matter.

Pre-study approved

Länsstyrelsen and Kommunen have granted 320 000 kr to a pre-study of HUF:s Project Jäbäcksgården. This means that the work now can begin. Ann Salonomson will be project leader and the necessary consultant services will be purchased during the winter. More details of the project will be presented here on the web shortly.  


Stora Lanthandeln will have limited opening hours for some time due to illness. Opening hours will be Mon - Sat 10.00 - 12.00 and Friday also 18.00 - 19.00, Sun 12.00 -13.00. 


Last nights press release gave echo throughout the whole of Sweden. Numerous of media have been in touch for interviews. Nordnytt has also visited Holmön by helicopter. 

During the night there has been a wind shift and the ice in Kvarken is now on the move. A track has been broken up in the fixed ice from Byviken out to the main stream during the morning ( seepictures , swe text))and at noon the ferry left Holmön to try to break up a track into Norrfjärden. The attempt was successful and the ferry will wait for passangers in Norrfjärden until normal afternoon departure time. 


An emergency Forum meeting was held on 7 February at the school because of the isolation. Read the minutes and a  press release (in Swe).


The ice and coldness holds Holmön in an iron grip. The ferry has been cancelled since Friday and will remain at the jetty waiting for the weather to be more stable.  

During Monday a helicopter flight was arranged to transport goods and people.  

With milder weather and southerly winds the ice in Kvarken can be broken up and the ferry start again. The forecast is, however, not so promising and if this cold weather continues we might have ice traffic this winter. The coming week is crusial.  

The ferry

Due to the hard weather with strong NE wind, snow and coldness, the ice has grown and covers most of Kvarken. There is only open water in the mainstream close to Holmön. In Byviken the ice has been packed by the wind and made it impossible for the ferry to leave since Friday morning. The tour today, Sunday, is cancelled. Tomorrow the possibilities to have helicopter transports for mail, medication etc will be investigated. 

The ferry

The morning tour with the ferry today was delayed more than 2 h due to heavy ice pressure in Norrfjärden. The heavy sea in Kvarken caused extensive ice build up on the feery and the afternoon tour today is therefore cancelled

01-02-01 afternoon
The ferry is cancelled

The afternoon tour with the Holmön ferry is cancelled today due to the hard weather.  

01-02-01 morning
The ferry is cancelled

The morning tour with the  Holmön ferry is cancelled today due to the hard weather.  

Course in 
First Aid 
The weekend 3-4 March, Holmöns Red Cross will arrange a course in First Aid. Maximum 12 participants. The course will be held both on Saturday and Sunday if more than 12 sign up. This course is specially adapted for us on Holmön and it ought to be important for the members of the fire brigade to participate. Sign up at Stora Lanthandeln. 

If there is any interest there will also be an excercise in ice safety. This is important for all anglers (pimplare) and snow mobile drivers.

Navigation course
On Saturday 17 February starts a  navigation course on Holmön. The course will be held on Saturdays during winter/spring. It will comprise theory and practical excerises for the swedish "båtförarbevis" and GPS practice. Teacher will be Torbjörn Lindberg. Sign up on the list at Stora Lanthandlen. The course is suitable for "postroddare" and leisure boat owners. Price about 850 kr.
Twin birth
Holmöns latest addition of the population was born about 9 am on 15 January. Two twin girls, 2.2 and 1.7 kg, entered the world after a quick 6 weeks premature delivery. The mother and children are well and the father just walks around with a funny smile. See pictures (caption in Swe).
Have a prosperous new year!!
The Christmas and New Years Eve holidays were fine on Holmön. 

On Christmas Eve the village Santa had time to visit most houses with people at home. He wished Merry Christmas and delivered presents to all kids. 

On the night between Christmas Day and Boxing Day the snow came and there was a marvelous winter weather with glittering new snow. 

On 29 December there was a real blister with snow and hard wind. The afternoon ferry was cancelled due to the hard weather. 

On New Years Eve the tradition from last year with a torchlight procession from the School to the Church continued. At the Church there was a short, improvised and simple session. This year Curt Lindkvist spoke and there were some joint singning before everyone left for New Year celebrations. Since there were so few participants at the village party it was moved to Jongåden this year. It was 35 adults and kids who partied in the new year.

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